Lucy Lockets by Lucysinspired

I have been a busy bee! I took a little trip to Seaside a few weeks ago and stopped in to the warehouse at Southern Fashion House. I talked with Amy and Laura a month ago and wanted to get some of my Lucy Lockets in DeJaVu in Seaside. They had a few right before the holidays and did well with them. I set up an appointment and took around 100 pieces with me.

I threw everything on the table and they started picking out personal pieces immediately! Now, that felt good! I love when someone wants to wear a piece themselves! That has to be the best affirmation. Once they had their own stash tucked away, they picked pieces for the store. It was such a joy meeting everyone that works there and getting their feedback on different styles. Of course, the prism necklaces are the most popular. I think they picked up 17 prisms on leather and took every prism on a chunky chain that I had. There's some talk about a housewife from Beverly Hills that wears one? It's not mine, but apparently, it's very similar!!

The workshop has been busy and thankfully, I have had several locket elves helping me out in the last few weeks! I thought I would share a few pieces of the collection I've sent to Tuscumbia and Fairhope this week!

Leather cuffs have been so much fun to make. I added them into the line last summer. So many options and all are one of a kind!

This escutcheon is a gorgeous brass. I added a key, as always and loved adding these two links from a vintage lighting chain. 

I really can't believe I let this one go. I LOVE it so much!! That piece that looks like a fleur de lis is a great color and makes this one look full of treasures!

 This spring heart will be great for St. Patrick's Day!

Another group of leather cuffs. That giant disc in the middle? #swoon

Always Have a Party Favor

I remember going to a birthday party in elementary school and receiving a party favor for the first time.

It was Jolie's party. The little bag was darling, you know, the plastic kind with a pretty design like balloons or candy or a clown on the outside? We were given the gift as we left the party. I vividly remember climbing into the backseat of the car and couldn't wait to see what was inside. I opened the bag and it overflowed with gum, candy, jacks, bouncy balls, so many tiny, wonderful toys and kindnesses. Someone was giving ME a gift?  I will never forget that. Since then, my favorite thing about planning a party is the party favor.  My children have had "themed" birthday parties. You know the ones, the cake matches the invitation, there were treasure maps and trunks full of gold, bags filled with beads and gems and gold coins. Everything matched..right down to the what we wear!

 Now, I have the joy of designing jewelry. In my Lucy Lockets jewelry line, I have a prism that hangs on a leather string. It's not fancy and can be worn with anything, seriously…..anything. A t-shirt and shorts or your favorite little black dress, from a picnic to the prom. Wear it anywhere. I was invited to a Blogging Get Away Weekend on Tybee Island hosted by Mermaid Cottages and Mary Kay Andrews. I had to take everyone SOMETHING! There were care packages for all of us and I just slipped my little stamped burlap bag in for each and every attendee with a prism necklace. They loved them!

I found everyone wearing them at different times and to different venues. On Saturday, we made our way to Savannah to shop and visit historic homes around the city. My absolute favorite was Alex Raskin Antiques on Bull Street and West Gordon Street. The home was built in 1867 and I couldn't get enough of the chipping plaster and wallpaper and imagining the stories those walls could tell. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and asked if we were with the blogging group. This wasn't on our planned tour and we were taken aback that he would ask two random girls that question. Did we stand out that much with our cameras in hand? He recognized the necklace!!  Someone had been in with one on earlier. He knew we were together because I had given everyone a party favor. I was thrilled with that little bit of branding I had accomplished in this intriguing town of Savannah! So, if you see someone walking around with a prism necklace around their neck, ask them if it's a lucy locket and if they are a blogger. There are a few…..

all over the United States!

If you are interested in browsing my jewelry or know of a store that might be interested in carrying Lucy Lockets, let me know! My etsy shop is called Lucysinspired.

Covering Walls with Paper

I know wallpaper has been making it's way back for the last year or so. I love it. I can remember helping my Mom hang wallpaper at our house when I was younger. It was not easy! Then trying to remove it out of our first home! We don't have fond memories of hanging or tearing down wallpaper.
It's everywhere now!! Very glam and in small spots, wallpaper can be an easy update! I don't have plans for wallpaper for moon glow, but I'm sure it will show up in a closet, on a ceiling or in a powder room!!

One thing I found at market that I can't quit thinking about is 8x10 pieces of paper that could be used as a wall covering. It had the perfect vintage look and even had texture, like old, european texture. I wanted to try a piece of it, you know, bring it home and play. I'm buddies with the VP of Sales for the company and he said, "NO WAY!!".  Apparently, the cost is pretty substantial. I may call him and see how much they ended up selling, maybe he needs me to sample it and show how fab it could be somewhere in my world!

Thinking about it tonight, it reminds me a little of the booth I created for the Sloss Holiday Shop in December. I had a Lucy Lockets booth for the Friday night and Saturday show. I was looking forward to hanging out with my buddies from Digs Design. We kinda hung out a lot in the local shows for the season!

My brother helped me build these walls and Ashlee helped me cover them in old books, sheet music and an old wallpaper sample book I found at a house that was being torn down! OH MY GOODNESS, this little book was from the 30's and the wallpaper was priced between 12 and 18 cents a roll! I loved how on the back of each sample, the company would tell you the perfect use for the particular pattern or color.

The frames I have hanging are just for looks, they weren't for sale, but they were salvaged wood that was pulled from the home with the wallpaper still attached. I had it made into frames and I LOVE them! There's a floral pattern and looks like kraft paper with the simple flower design repeating.

These are a few pictures of the whole booth. It was a cold and rainy weekend, my booth fell over, but as usual, I had a blast!

What do you think? Have you been too scarred by wallpaper? If you have used it in your home, I would love to see pictures!

An Outstanding Day at The Chapel Market

I can't put into words how fantastic this day was. I had the key to the chapel (now that sounds important, doesn't it?) since I was the last one to leave. (Oh yeah, we didn't start setting up until 8:30pm) I was planning on meeting Layla at 7:55am. She didn't want to open to the vendors before 8am and we KNEW there would be a line down wrapped around the building! As we drove up, I got out at the street and walked up the hill. Kevin and Layla needed to take care of a few logistics before going in. There was that line! (and it was looooooong) Take a look at this photo that Abby, from Southern Makers took from the bottom of the hill.

What an exciting feeling to have put this event together over the past few months and see that all of the efforts were worth it! I think we all knew, but you still have doubts, right? Layla from the Lettered Cottage has such a genuine personality and has a huge following because of her enthusiasm in everything she does. I knew it would be a success!

There were lots of vendors and volunteers milling around inside. Lots of early shopping going on! I sold 4 Lucy Lockets to vendors and volunteers that morning! They all wanted something to wear for the day! I can't tell you how incredible the feeling was that someone wanted to wear my jewelry during this show! (blush)

This is a shot of me that Rhoda of Southern Hospitality took in the booth before it opened. I think I was working on Kari of Thistlewood Farm's earring! She ran over with a jewelry emergency. One of her jump rings went missing and I didn't bring my tools, so we used twine! One thing a DIY'er is good at....improvising!

We were set up at the back of the Chapel. We had a corner and were the last booth to stop by before leaving. Well, until you got to the door and then you got to see the Southern Makers booth. Save the date for 5.3.14. That event is not to be missed! They brought a goodie bag for everyone. I think I heard them say they had around 300 and ran out pretty quickly! (There were a lot of people there!) I love that I grabbed my tiny Alabama chalkboard at the last minute and they ended up using it. The amazing chalk lettering artist, Rachel, did the lettering. I mean, who would think, "grab a bag" would be so cute?? Love this sign and I think I could've sold several! Be on the lookout, those may show up soon!

Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect was across the lane from us. Right before everyone was coming in, I decided to pull out my camera! A little too late, but I snapped a few from where I stood!

Turned around to snap a couple of our booth in it's glory. It would be picked over in just a few minutes!
Our booth turned out pretty amazing! We were working on it until around 1:00am. I wouldn't trade it, though. I'm so thankful to Southern Accents for letting me bring so many things to The Chapel Market. It's amazing how well my jewelry looks with the architectural accents! (wink) Heather came to represent the store and we worked magic in those few hours! How about that tree in the corner? Isn't that thing amazing? We couldn't make up our mind where we wanted it.  We needed the height and that was the perfect piece for that corner!

I got a quick pic of Miss Mustard Seed's booth just as the first group was coming in! Some had been in line for over an hour!! Dedication, I tell ya! You can see Layla's booth in the back corner!

I tried to grab Kari, Heather and Laura's booth. I did get Heather helping a customer! The booths were filling up quickly!!

This adorable sign was not even a snippet of the gorgeous flower cart Evan of Evan and Company created at the center of the Chapel. It's so hard to stop and take photos! I need a photographer to follow me around. That would make blogging so easier, right??

This is my friend, Beth. Her cute hubby took this photo of us right before it got crazy in there! She is also the Diet Coke fairy!! I was standing there around noon and thinking I could sure use something to drink, anything, but preferably with caffeine and I swear, I looked down and there was a COLD Diet Coke! I almost screamed! I looked around and no one was there...then, I saw Beth. She was walking toward the front of the Chapel and I ran up and told her she was my lifesaver!! She rocks. Check out her recap. You will find lots of great photos, the Lucy Locket she swiped, not to mention, it's hilarious! (stealing cotton is so much more fun than buying cotton) Stay tuned since she may just be doing a little Lucy Lockets giveaway soon!!!

As happens in the South, especially Alabama, when the football games start coming on, everyone finds their way in front of a tv. Auburn had a big game this weekend and it was the team the local crowd wasn't missing! Around 2:00pm things really started slowing down. That's when I started socializing and shopping! (shhh, don't tell)

I quickly grabbed one of Mary Kay Andrew's new books, Christmas Bliss! Can't wait to dive into that one! I told Heather she should get one too and she ended up buying 3! I won't say who they were for, they might just be gifts!! (wink) She wanted to grab a pic to add to the wall of fame at the store!

And then there was this.....Do you see the green, rusty, chippiness on this set of drawers? I  know, I almost licked it! I eyed it at the beginning, but didn't know how full my pocketbook would be at the end of the day, so I let fate play it's hand. If it was there after the show, I would let it organize all of my gorgeous pieces of hardware in the Lucy Lockets workshop! It was in Urban Farmgirl's booth, but this yumminess belonged to Maple and Magnolia. She and I started a little negotiating and guess where this bad boy ended up! You guessed it! It's in the workshop, it's empty, but it's in there! 

This is the group! So thrilled to be squished between all this talent! What a wonderful day to be able to spend it with such creative people! If you didn't get to come, look for it again next year. We don't know for sure, but we are all crossing our fingers there will be a second The Chapel Market!!!

We grabbed Layla in between her getting us coffee (angel) and resting her feet (how dare she) for a quick picture. I think those smiles say it all! 

Truly an amazing way to end the day. I understand why they live in this adorable neighborhood. If the sunset looked like this everyday with the Chapel at the top of the hill, I would move right in! (forget moon glow) ((just kidding)) (((I met with the builder today))) ((((eeeeeek))))

Going to the Chapel Market

Oh wow, what a weekend! I think I've been working toward this weekend for months and months. I remember exactly where I was when Layla called to ask if I would come to her vintage market and bring goodies from Southern Accents. It would be held in The Waters at Pike Road in The Chapel. She was calling it The Chapel Market. I knew right away I was in. I needed to run it by Garlan, but I was sure he would say yes! We love to work with Layla on projects! I was in the mantel/door warehouse at the store looking for things to take to pull for a few clients. I only had my phone and a pen. Not sure why I had a pen and no paper, but I picked up a plinthe block and started writing down the details on the back! 

 The couple of nights before I left, I worked on a few giveaways, business cards and a prism and leather necklace that was a hit at the show! I worked for weeks making so many one of a kind necklaces and cuffs. I had no idea if it would be enough or way too many! 

 I took this picture of the chapel as I was heading back over to wait on Southern Accents to bring everything. Kathy and Eddie hosted us at their house for dinner. It was amazing! Their house was absolutely beautiful and the food was delish! I never did get that dessert! darn it!

As soon as the truck got there we started unloading everything and moving it all around. There was A LOT to be unloaded, placed and priced! I think they got there around 8:30 and we were walking out the door at 1:00am. Thank goodness for Cindy!! She offered to let me stay at her adorable cottage for the night! I can't thank her enough. I didn't take any photos since I walked in so late and was up and at 'em the next morning so early. I will have to visit again and give you guys the tour. Her house is fantastic!!

This is a shot of the room from the front of the chapel. The calm before the storm!

I picked up this tractor spring in Chattanooga a few weeks ago. I love how many cuffs it will hold!

Garlan saved this end of a beam from Southern Accents for me to display a single cuff. I love the color and wear on it. There is a dowel running through the center. It's a cool piece that otherwise, would have been thrown out! 

My favorite way to display necklaces! These drawers are from an old cabinet. Each clipboard/drawer has rings to hold ledgers. The marking on them is very interesting. I just attach each one with a screw and voila, the perfect display! I used both sides of the lattice for this show. 

So many fun things in the booth! That bright light is from a lamp that was snatched up immediately...actually, before the show really opened!! The wood shop was busy last week making Christmas trees, signs, and those wood ornament giveaways! We call them our calling card! They are the perfect way to take a piece of Southern Accents with you! 

 Thanks to Ashlee for letting me use her fabulous dress form! Isn't it amazing?

We were thrilled to have our friends from Southern Makers there! Andrea and Abby used a lot of architectural pieces from the store. They sponsored the event and we wouldn't have had it without them! Such a huge supporter of the area and really looking forward to the next Southern Makers event! Mark your calendars for 5.3.14!

 Stay tuned for part two of The Chapel Market! Lots of fun and people the day of the show!

Honor and Heart

I can't put into words what happened to me yesterday. Laura, whom I've been working with at Papa's barn, asked me to make something for her mom for her birthday. She gave me a bag of jewelry and keepsakes. She also gave me her brother's dog tags. She wanted me to make them into cuffs. One for her mom and one for herself. Honestly, I didn't put a lot of thought into it. I knew it would be super easy to make. I did stop in to the leather store the other day and picked up some really cool hides. One was grey and I felt like it was totally different from the other leather cuffs I've done. I wanted to use it for more than cuffs, too....(handbag?) I decided to put one of the dog tags on the grey. It looked great!

I took it to show Laura to get her opinion and planned on finishing it on Monday. I didn't have everything and she said she planned on seeing her mom on Thursday. I took it home, finished it and made the second one in my traditional brown leather. When I took them to Laura today, we discussed me sharing it on Instagram and Facebook so that her mother would see them and know that I made them, but that they were from Laura for her birthday. When I got home, I uploaded the picture and wrote out something simple. I really tried to cancel it before it sent and then.....I started getting tons of comments and likes on both social media platforms. Everyone loved them, several wanted to place orders and one issue was his social security number. Yes, it's on there. I asked Laura what she thought because her mom hadn't seen it yet. She told her mom to go look and then asked her thoughts on his information being out there. They both agreed that they were ok with it staying online. As the night went on, more and more comments and then I read this....this is what it's all about. Read what Laura wrote about her brother and the lives that have touched him, these dog tags and her heart.

When I look at these tags my heart swells with gratitude and love and I think about the people they have passed through to get to where they are now.
My brother was a hero. SPC Andrew Lee Hand. He joined the National Guard in 2005 and served in 2 deployments. On his last tour his vehicle was hit by an IED and he went home to be with The Lord in 2010.
Before he left for his last deployment, Andrew gave his dog tags to my brother-in-law, Chad Davis, who Andrew also considered a brother. When Andrew passed away Chad gave them to me. They have hung on my vanity for the past 3 years. A place where I sit everyday to get ready and I can see them everyday. But as special as these are to me, they needed a better home than just hanging in my bedroom. So, I decided to have my cousin Lucy Farmer, owner of Lucy Locket's, make them into these beautiful, leather bracelets you see in the picture. One for my precious mother for her birthday and one for myself.
As you can see, from being worn around my brother's neck on the battlefield, to my brother-in-law as a gift, to me as a keepsake, to my cousin to create a cherished piece of jewelry, and last to my mother and myself. They are a sacred treasure that we are privileged and honored to wear and they will be worn proudly for all to see.
#hero #son #brother #dogtags #favoritethings #family #lucylockets

Making these cuffs is one of the most rewarding things I have done. Thank you, Laura for the opportunity and for your heart.

Lucy Lockets in Loudon, Tennessee

A few weeks ago I went to see my Mom and Aunts. My Mom and Aunt Ruthe live in Aunt Linda was just there for the Loudon Antique Show. Every year they have an outdoor antique show around the courthouse. It's a gorgeous location. Loudon is on the Tennessee river and is a  beautiful old town. Mom wanted me to come up and bring some of my Lucy's Lockets. I really have never done a show on my own with my jewelry. I was lucky to have help with a huge set up at Haven and it made the booth look full and finished. Well, this time, not so much. I didn't even have a table cloth! I did spray paint several bird cages to fill with burlap and display the necklaces on the outside. I also brought my new wrap station from Creative Co-op. Everything on the table top looked amazing! Then...there was the white table and all my stuff underneath. Some kind Facebook follower suggested I use a ruffled burlap tablecloth. I thought she was offering to send me one...not so much! Next time, I will find a cool vintage table that hides what is underneath.

At least my tags are AWESOME!

My Mom likes to paint furniture. She's got a little shop there called The Red Door. She has some really cute pieces if you want to check out her Facebook page!

 I enjoyed hanging out around the courthouse with everyone. I also loved shopping! We hit a couple of antique stores on Friday afternoon in Knoxville. Anthropologie just opened a store there and I picked up a few things for Fall!

This was just the cover of a book. Wonder what it was about? 

This metal Dr. Pepper sign was fabulous! Of course, not for sale. 

Shot glasses spelling out hot. 

 I found several pieces to use on future Lucy's Lockets and lots of other things that I would have loved to buy...but didn't!

 On my way, I was behind this cute Elsie. I couldn't resist taking her picture!

Lucy's Lockets vs. Lucy Lockets

I, for some reason, started out calling my jewelry Lucy Lockets. You know that nursery rhyme? Lucy Locket lost her pocket? Or something like that. I have a friend, Ashlee, that would always say Lucy's Lockets. I would correct her, as I do. (sorry Ash. I love you more than life). Now, I've started doing the same thing!! So, the question. What do I call them? It seems that Lucy's Lockets is appropriate since I have the Lucy's Inspired umbrella. Branding. Keep it simple stupid. All those things I tell people all the time on how they should present their brand. This is my open apology to Ashlee. You were right. I apologize for correcting you. You should smack me in the head and tell me why. You would never do that, though. Thank you.

So, with all that gibberish. Here is the big news! The Etsy shop is STOCKED!!! I had a few left over from Haven and finally got pictures of them. They are all up. The necklaces are sideways. Who knows why. I will fix them one day.....maybe. Let me know if you know an easy way to do that. I guess photoshop, but who has time for that? I did talk to an Etsy expert a few weeks ago, I LOVE CAROL,  and she gave me a million tips on how to run Etsy to my advantage. I need to work on putting those tips into place. I did update a few about me things. If you take a peek at my shop, let me know what you think and if you have advice....bring it on! I need it!!

Lucy's Lockets will be in a couple of Holiday Magazine issues. Can't wait to see that! Ah-mazing! I've had a blast getting to know Ande. If you know who she is, you know the mags to look for! (Wink) If not, I will make sure you know when they hit the newsstands! So much fun! If you follow me on Instagram, there are hints there!

I'm a DIY Blogger and I Attended Haven as a Vendor

Do I have regrets? Yes. I wanted to go to Haven Conference and be a blogger, hang out with bloggers, and learn from other bloggers about how to be a better blogger. I picked up my game on this blog almost a year ago. I joined a fun group of other bloggers (I've let them down) that were going to support me and I would them. I haven't asked much of them because I didn't have time to give back. #howmanytimescanisaybloggerinoneparagraph

I thoroughly LOVED being a vendor at Haven. I had an amazing booth that was, by far, the talk of the bloggers and other vendors.  I had a lot of cool stuff to show a little of what Southern Accents has at the store.

I also had a great selection of Lucy Lockets! The response to my jewelry was overwhelming! I love it and my friends love it, but strangers? They LOVED it! It was all worth it. They way I displayed the necklaces was my favorite! There's this cabinet full of clip boards at the store and I've been trying to figure out a way to make it useful for 4 years!! I finally found the perfect use for them! Too bad it leaves the cabinet with holes. Thankfully, they clipboards go back and I can "borrow" anytime I need to! {wink}

I do still regret not hanging with the bloggers and learning from them. I met A LOT of them. They all came by the booth and that was fun. I've been going through cards and reading their blogs. So many unique blogs and personalities. I do have a better understanding of the community. I hope to keep conversations going with a lot of them. I had a couple that were interested in featuring Lucy Lockets on their blogs. I'm looking forward to collaborating with them!  Several of the teachers have recaps or "cliff notes" of their classes on their blogs. I'm hoping to read through and use some of the tips for this little space of the internet.

I can't wait to see what everyone does with their findings from the booth. We had quite a few balustrades for sale. We priced them at $10 each and they were going quickly! One blogger is making a table, one a lamp, the marketing director and event coordinator of Annie Sloan Unfolded are doing a challenge to see who can create the most creative piece out of them. I'm thrilled we found something for everyone to think out of the box. That's probably my favorite thing about the store is the inspiration and creativity I find there.

Debbie and Teryl laying out their goods. There's going to be a challenge and I can't wait to see footage of them battling it out! The planning and scheming was in full force! Watch the Annie Sloan Unfolded blog for the final reveal!

Haven and the DIY Shuffle will be in my brain for quite sometime. I'm going to try and keep the momentum flowing here. Would love to know if you like what you see and what you would like to see more of! xoxo

I leave you with a few more pictures of the booth. These were all taken with my iphone and the fluorescent lighting didn't help!

Miss Teryl from Annie Sloan Unfolded wearing her Lucy Locket! It goes perfectly with that top! ;)

 ss Teryl from Annie Sloan Unfolded wearing her Lucy Locket! It goes perfectly with that top! ;)

Recap of Gift Market at the Atlanta Mart 2013

I just spent 5 days in Atlanta shopping. Wow, who wouldn't love to say that? I love going to market with my sisters. They have the cutest shop in Trussville,  Alabama, called The Spotted Zebra. Isn't that the cutest name? It's gifts and a little home decor. They have such a great client base in Trussville and their customers love them! I love hanging out with them at the Mart because I get to see their dynamic and how they work together. They both have different strengths and the shop would not be able to run without both of them. I always add in my 2 cents just to ruffle some feathers!

There are 3 buildings at the Mart. Building 1 is full of showrooms that are open almost year round. You will find furniture, rugs and seasonal in that building. During a big market, they have 2 floors dedicated to temporaries. Temps are the booths that only come for market and are gone as soon as it's over. This is where you find all the new, cool stuff! Building 2 is full of gift companies. I mean everything you can imagine is in this building. You will find furniture, flags, pottery, frames, jewelry, lamps, every thing under the sun! Building 3 is known as the apparel building. When they have apparel mart, I envision all the showrooms open with clothing pouring out of each! During Gift Market, they have several floors dedicated to temporaries. I have a few favorites! I got to see a couple of great friends that had booths on floor 2. Vallie and Leah were both there. Their booths were packed when we went by. That always makes me happy to see someone be successful at what they love to do. I also always hit up Art by Amy. She is one of the people that inspired me to start making Lucy Lockets. She has a booth full of chain and charms and all kinds of crazy things to add to a necklace. One of the coolest things is you can pick out the charms you like and she will make you a necklace on the spot! Thinking that might be a good idea for me. Anyone want to host a party???

We had a great time. We saw lots of friends and lots of really cool things that will be in the store this year. If you get a chance, go by the store and tell them hello. You can also follow their Facebook page to keep up with all the new stuff that comes in!

I took a few pictures of my favorites. I may try and do a "trends of 2013" post, if I can muster up the list! There were definitely somethings that stood out.

 I shared this on Instagram {trend alert}

I love a yarn stocking. We "stocked up" on these!

Guess who will have a Giant light-up E in her room?

You might see a chalkboard wall at the store the next time you stop in!

 This girl had great jewelry at great prices. It was Fabu!

I shared this on Instagram, too. I need this at the beach!!

This showroom knocks my socks off every time! This fish is gorgeous!!

This patent white couch. O, yeah, just O! {trend alert}

Demdaco blew us away with their vintage signing. Some really cute pieces for Christmas!

 How could I not share this one! Who wants one of these for their tree. Or just to hang on their desk! 

Turkey Craft Night with The Smoking Glue Guns

The Smoking Glue Guns: Crafters who get together once a month and craft. and eat. and drink. and talk about girl stuff. 

Filling our bellies was the first priority!

Ashlee is the hostess with the mostess. Seriously, I want these turkeys. the feathers, oh my! Her house is amazing. I'm going over to take pictures after Christmas so you can see her fantastic decorating skills!

Craft: Stamping salvaged wood. aka vintage to vogue. The beginning: stamps and ink.

A sample....or two

The mess:

The action: 

We used rubber stamps and clear stamps. The creativity was flowing along with the punch!

Nichole made these cute wedding blocks! We decided she should hang them together and link with a little piece of chain. 

And this "my sunshine" she wrote on the back to her daughter! #swoon

This is one of my favorite shots! A pile of thankful goodness!!

There were a couple of these! Too bad we didn't have more long pieces. 

Christy's stash. She knew what she wanted and got right to it! I love her "stack"

I'm giving these as hostess gifts this year! Wine or Champagne? It WILL have a cute tag on it!

Lori gave me the idea to do a house number! It's my FAVE!

22. twenty-two. 2-two. twenty-2 
It's her number.

Ashlee's finished products! She was full of fun ideas!
Does anyone see a Christmas tree? or is it just me?

The group shot. Missing Krista :-(

So glad to get to know this girl! 

Lori even did a little impromptu photo shoot for Lucy Lockets

All of the photos were taken by Lori Gordon. She is an amazing photographer and if you want fabulous photos of your family, she is the one to call! If you want to learn how to take photos like her...she will teach you! Click Workshops

Talk of Alabama TV/Christmas Crafts and Lucy Lockets

Hanging out with Nicole on Talk of Alabama! It's always fun and very last minute! Yesterday I dug around and called my friends to find a Santa Can from a past ornament party. Molly came through! Nicole came to a party several years ago and loved this can!

I took old vegetable cans and spray painted them red, added red ribbon and a square for the buckle, a little glitter and voila.....SANTA to hold the take home cookies! He is so cute and easy-peasy! A great hostess gift filled with your favorite treat!

We pimped out some of my Lucy Lockets, too. Always fun to show off some of the latest. Notice the display? It is an old corbel I picked up at The Depot and the antler shed that John Connor and his buddy, Parker found in the woods at Hansel and Gretel. Lori took a couple of photos last night to highlight how cute it is! She's an amazing photographer!

We made some of these crafty ornaments at the Smoking Glue Guns party last about that later's baby! 

ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

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Lucy Lockets Re-stocking Event!

I've been making a few necklaces! I always get compliments on my Lucy Locket's. I was at Anthropologie today at a Holiday Workshop. I was a little disappointed when I realized I was working on their holiday display and not going to be taking something home. 2 hours later......ha! It was fun! I did learn how to make a cute garland, a polar bear and some add-ons for gifts! I took several photos and lots of notes. I hope to get a DIY tutorial up soon! Bug me about it if it doesn't happen! ;)

As I was sitting there hot-gluing and burning my fingers and asking a million questions, the girls noticed my necklace. They wanted to know what it was. A hinge. Where did I get it? I made it. Wow, they loved it! I told them about my scavenger hunt of finding cool pieces all over the place...yes, on the ground and in the dirt! This one is a favorite. It's the color and the rust and I think the simplicity that makes it special. It's not for sale. It's my private collection! #hathatsoundsofficial

What did happen was I got home and pulled out the little zip lock bags I had packed last week and started making Lucy Lockets! I made 5! I was making a 6th one and couldn't get it to look good. Decided it was time to walk away! This making little bags of parts is working for me! I have a spot at Greystone Antiques and am going to drop these and a few others I already had made up off tomorrow. If you are over that way, stop in and check them out! They are in a closed case by the front. Should be pretty easy to find!

I also LOVE to make necklaces for people. I have a customer coming by next week to make one (or two) because her husband gave her a gift card! It's a great gift for you or someone on your list! I would love for you to bring any trinkets or charms you may have that mean something to you. I have customers that have used skeleton keys from their grandparents house or brooches that belonged to a special loved one. We can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want!

Take a look at the Etsy shop for some ideas. I also have several jewelry organizers there. This is something I love doing! I find lots of architectural pieces and we can make something that would work for your jewels!

My daughter turned 13 yesterday. She is becoming a beautiful young lady. I'm so proud of her!
This photo was taken by Beth Bryan

 She's second from the left

Country Living Fair in 4 Hours or Less!

It was a whirlwind trip! I had planned it weeks ago. I wanted to go over, take a girlfriend and leisurely shop the Country Living Fair in Atlanta. This did not happen!! Emma decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday and go shopping. Oh, I had a shopping trip for her! (wink, wink)

I have this 12 year old that will be a 13 year old this Thursday! (yikes, how did that happen) She made lots of plans for the weekend.

She would have friends over before the gala at school and then they would all spend the night...we would roast marshmallows. On Saturday, we would go to the mall. Nothing has changed with 13 year olds. They want to go to the mall. No money? No matter! Just walk around and try on clothes and test makeup! Well, that put a big dent in my plans! I negotiated with her and told her I would take her and a couple of girls to Atlanta to shop. She was impressed! We would get a hotel and shop at Lenox Square! much fun! I only had one stipulation. They had to go with me to the Country Living Fair. They seemed to be ok with that. I wanted to leave at 7:00am. We all know that is impossible when you have 9 teenagers spending the night. They probably didn't go to bed until 3:00am! After dropping them off and picking up things forgotten, we were on the road at 9:00am! Ok, so I won't get to meet up with the HomeTalk crew and I will barely make it to the Rust-Oleum demo on how to re-vamp that ugly tile in the bathroom. No problem.....

We got to the fair and they were very confused. It's outside? What is there to do here? How long do we have to stay? If we can check in the hotel at 3:00, we can leave at 2:30? Oh no, girls. This is my part....the rest of the weekend is yours! I did give them a $20 bill and told them to find something small and I would make a necklace. They said the only things they could find were $100 dollars! I think I have some divas on my hands! We split up and I did my best to keep from seeing them! I knew as soon as I did, they would never leave my side and I would hear, "Can we leave?", over and over!

I did get to see Jenni and Jared Bowlin. Oh my goodness. These two, I love them!

Jenni has a great eye for vintage and does a great job styling her booth. They had this adorable stamp of a farmer with another stamp that said farmer....It had my name written all over it! ;-)

I got a new light...imagine that! It's a reproduction, but, oh, I love it! Where will I hang it? Your guess is as good as mine! Suggestions, please?

I found a great booth with lots of architectural pieces. I got some corbels to add to my collection.

They had lots of wooden Christmas trees. Remember this one I had made several years ago? Seems like everyone is making them!! I still love them!! I'm working on a different design. I will get a few made up and show you soon! (hello, Christmas is around the corner!)

I also got a couple of these for Lucy Lockets! You might see them in the Etsy shop soon!

I had been texting with Beth at Unskinny Boppy and we finally met up by the tower of pumpkins. She was talking to Ben Ashby and wanted me to meet him. It was love at first sight! (for me, anyway!) He is amazing. Have you seen HIS magazine? Serious style. It's a gorgeous magazine and the guys on the cover? You might know them from the Amazing Race or The Fabulous Beekman Boys on the Cooking Channel? They were signing their cookbook over in the pavilion! YES!! But, I had to find a copy of the magazine. I threatened to steal Ben's. He just laughed....I was serious! Beth had gotten her copy from Junxtaposition and thought they might have another copy. They did! I bought it! I got the Beekman Boys to sign it! I had my picture made with Beth's camera! Yay!!!! I didn't catch Ben Ashby again. I would have loved to get his signature, too. :( Beth and I told him to come to Alabama and we would show him around!

My girls saw me at this point and were ready to GO! I didn't even make it around to all the booths. I'm so sad and I need to plan my time better. We did make it to the mall and got new makeup and some clothes.

We also got to play with a Microsoft Surface. They were doing a demo right outside the Windows store.

 Everyone was happy at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure that's all that matters!

Commissioned works

It's pretty cool to create something and have someone tell you they love it. It's something else to have someone actually want to buy it! After debuting Lucy Lockets on Talk of Alabama, I sold a necklace and had another person interested in buying one of the jewelry holders. We talked a bit about the one she was a little too green. She wanted more blue. I immediately picked up the phone and called Garlan, owner of Southern Accents, and told him to see if the blue post was still in the mantel warehouse. He walked to the back and sent me a photo! It was still there. Yay! I had an idea to cut the post down and add a piece from an old chandelier to the top. Well, the pieces of chandelier just weren't going to happen. I found a couple and will probably work them into another piece.

For this one I used old brass hooks, a few jello molds and an old doorknob! I absolutely LOVE how they turned out! Oh, I ended up making for her friend! She wanted hers to be brown, but rustic. I found a wooden post that was perfect! I used my jigsaw to cut them to size. I think I wore out the blade! Chop saw is on the list once I move!! I was really excited to make these. I can't wait to make a few more to add to the Etsy shop!

Her design came from what her needs were. It worked perfectly. If you have a need. Let me know, maybe I can make something for you, too! I have a frame that I have to make for another friend. I need to get to Papa's Barn to work on that one! I will need that dangerous table saw!

Papa's Barn

I have a little workshop in the basement. There are cool pieces of trim down there, a jigsaw, a drill and a lot of little pieces of hardware!! I've struggled with getting down there and playing because the jigsaw can't cut everything I want it to cut!!
Tracy came in town for a few days and called me one morning to say she was at Papa's barn making stuff. I dropped everything and went over!! I just wanted to see what she was making and see what is in there to play with!
The discovery was so fun! There are coffee cans full of pulls and knobs. Drawers and cubbies full of nails, screws, bolts, and all kinds of fasteners! It's very organized. Do you need a band saw? table saw? chop saw? He has one! He also has sanders and a room to spray furniture! I might just move in! I didn't bring anything to play with. I had to scour the place and get a little creative. Susu made everyone frames last year for Christmas and used the glass from these 5x7 dollar store frames. So, the frames are just hanging up not being used. I grabbed 6 of them and started looking for screen to make a jewelry holder! Papa found some for me. He doesn't want us to use the table saw without him there. He cut a piece of trim for me and showed me how to use the band saw.
This was Wednesday. We went to Southern Accents on Thursday. Friday I got the call from Nicole about being on Talk of Alabama on Monday!! I went back to the barn Saturday morning. I made 2 jewelry holders and wanted to stay all day! I need to get back over there!
I can't believe I have waited this long to go over and play. Now that school has started, maybe I can make more time to go over and learn. The Hansel and Gretel house has a barn! It has electricity! I can't wait to move in!! 2 more weeks.......I've only been saying that since the middle of July.

Oh there's a video!

Ha! I finally found the video of the show yesterday. I still don't really know how it went....I have no sound on my computer for some reason? JOHN CONNOR???

I'm sure I sound like a good southern girl trying to make sense. I do remember saying that I find things on the road several times...really? I do, but, surely I find them other places, too!!! So, if you think there was something funny about this vid....lemme hear it! I need to work on my TV skills.

ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

I have been commissioned to make 2 jewelry holders! I am heading to Southern Accents tomorrow to pick out some cool pieces! I know exactly what I'm looking for.....I hope they have it! By the way, have you seen those porcelain hot/cold knobs on their facebook page today? Oh My, I'm in love! I will have to pick up one or two of those....