The American Flag

It's such an iconic symbol of our freedom in America. In so many ways, this symbol gives us feelings of safety and pride. I have several decor items for the celebration on the 4th of July, but I have versions of the American Flag up all year.

The Smoking Glue Guns chose to make American Flags out of reclaimed wood this month. We picked up wood from Southern Accents and DWS. I had a few things in my stash that I used to add more dimension and texture. Our craft night was a little different than usual. We were using power tools! Well, Sara was! hehe Each person picked the wood they wanted to use and took it to her to be cut to size. The best part of that was when we were getting ready to clean up and discovered we had a "group flag" with all the scraps! It's being mounted on plywood to be hung in the Smoking Glue Guns Workshop at Ashlee's house!

I was thrilled that two of my besties got to join us. Daphney wanted to make a flag and Ashlee came in town for an appointment and decided to stay! Aren't their flags cute? This one of mine is hanging in Connor's office. He loves an American Flag!

 I couldn't get enough of them, apparently. I've made two more since that night! One is hanging on the barn at Hansel and Gretel and this one I may sleep with! Haha...just kidding. I have been in love with this wood for over a year. Thank goodness I brought a few pieces home with me when I saw it because I found out yesterday it was sold! Seriously broke my heart and reminded me that I have to start doing things instead of just thinking about them! Of course, one of my favorite creative friends dug it out of the wood warehouse at Southern Accents. She has amazing taste! ;)

This flag is something I dream of making one day! I love Alabama Chanin and love hand stitching! You can order this quilt online or order the DIY kit online.

Stitching Smoking Glue Guns! Amanda and Krista prepared a delicious mexican menu including yummy margaritas!!

I was a few minutes late, as usual and Lori fixed me up a FULL drink! It was overflowing! 

Anyone need a needle? I picked these up at DWS one day. You never know what you will find there! I love how impressed they are with that needle and thread! :-)

The pile of chevron fabric to choose from. We are making pillows! Each month, Ashlee and I try to thing of something fun and functional for the craft. We also like to find something that is a challenge. This month, hand-stitching. Some brought a pillow from home and others ran to the local craft supply store for a blank pillow case. We had a large variety of designs. The state of Alabama was our inspiration. Some cut lots of individual fabrics and pieced it all together, while others took one fabric and printed a pattern on the silhouette. We had initials, numbers, Alabama, and one person did a question mark! I love the variety that comes out of this group. Not sure why but we didn't get a group photo. I only have 3 samples and one is the craft for May!

A sneak peek into what we are doing for May. Can you say statement necklace?

Color Inspires Me

I am so inspired by color. I think it's interesting that most would describe my style as rustic and old. While I am very inspired by rustic, old pieces, they usually have texture or color. I do love the way these old pieces can be used to make something new. Most of the time if I find a door with a bright color......I have to have it! You could say my go to color is red. I was going through my iPhoto the other day and saw some really fun, colorful photos. I thought I would share them with you!

I subscribed to the Project Life Kit from Studio Calico. March was my first kit. OH MY, I love all those little pieces that come in glassine envelopes and the cards that are all the same size. Yes, those things.

This jar. Ha, this jar is big, really big! It has been this full of flowers for several years! (wink) I might pull out one or two, but then I find a package that has never been opened and stuff it in there!

I went thrift shopping, but not with Macklemore! I went with Ashlee. #giggle 
I walked around the corner and saw all of these 45's and thought I would die! The colors and circles and organization...swoon!

The Smoking Glue Guns had a few hiccups last month; Spring Break, sick kids, and no time! I took on a huge project for March's craft and I do not know if it will ever get done...oh my. It will be so fantastic when I'm finished. I actually have two to make. They are going to be HUGE pillows for the swing bed on the front porch. Anyone want to come over and stitch down an arrow or two? ;-)

The Glue Guns were Smoking Again!

Well, smoking in the hot glue gun sense! 

Our inspiration this month was Emma's art! She has taken several art classes with Tricia Robinson. Check out her website. You will die with inspiration! These are just a couple of Emma's masterpieces.

A special thanks to Bebe for our sign this month!

Ashlee in her sombrero. We had a mexican fiesta! Ole!

I went through the old scrapbooking stash and pulled out several hundred things we could use.....not a dent, I tell ya....not a dent!

Ashlee had a few supplies on hand, too!

I gave a quick, non-formal tutorial on what the idea behind the art should be. Pretty much, paint your background before or after. 

Rip up your paper, stick your fingers in the gel medium and start sticking it down in your desired design. Oh, I did grab a piece of chalk to outline my design. 

This was an easy, not too much to think about project. Lots of laughter and Zac Efron talk going on!

Of course, the night isn't complete without the use of the glue gun! 

I love the use of book paper. If you have an old book, you can rip it up and make a piece of art!

 This was determined the winner in the end. She had no idea where she was going and it ended up really cool! Look for it in the last photo! I know you will love it, too!

I popped out 3. I've done this before and didn't have a plan, so I just started sticking paper down and wrapping twine and painting and glueing, Oh MY!

I think foam brushes are my favorite thing! Use them, toss them! 

No plan, just painting to see what would happen. I actually love the way it turned out!

 Our final masterpieces! Lori created one before she got there so that she could take the photos. She's so good at it! She used her silhouette. The possibilities with this are endless! She did make another while we were there. It's just felt good to get your hands dirty and create!

Smoking Glue Guns January Edition

I know, it's January, but our craft was inspired by Valentine's decor, so we decorated for the day of LOVE! I love all the banners and Ashlee's chalkboard from her childhood with our theme!

This was our inspiration. Ashlee took some ideas she saw on Pinterest as the inspiration. Our old wood stash has come in handy for several projects!  I love how these are so far from perfect cuts. We wanted to blend the rough and rustic with the sweet feeling of yarn and hearts.

We used the circular saw and the sawzaw to cut these. We should have a video camera set up for that. It's comical and dangerous! Ashlee was on the phone when I tried to use the sawzaw for the first time. I think I scared her!! I know how to use it now. {watch out }

I love how Lori captures everyone working and enjoying each other. There are some pretty serious moments, too. You want those nails to be lined up just right! {wink}

I didn't have any yarn at home, but found this spool of velvet ribbon from Scrap ETC days. I had no idea if it would work. I LOVE how it turned out! I didn't fill completely in. 

My lines seem uniform. I love how Nichole's were in all different directions. It's like a puzzle. I made an F and it's pretty thin. I'm going to do this to make it look more full. It really makes an impact!

Lori's cross was one of my favorites. She used all thin pieces and did a green stain on the wood. Her jute was really thick and stands out on that background. I see a Christmas Tree in the future!!! Or a star? The possibilities with this are endless!! You can see through these pictures the process. 

I think one of my favorite things about getting together with a group of women to make something is that even with one inspiration, you can have so many different looks. Everyone's personality takes over and you come out with your own, beautiful piece of art!

Does anyone else get together with a group to do craft projects? I would love to see your works! Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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Christmas with the Smoking Glue Gun Girls

My new craft group, The Smoking Glue Guns, was planning their holiday party. Um, they wanted hubbies to come? NO! All that's going to happen is the girls in one room and the boys in the other. The husbands will complain about having to go and then we won't even talk to them. NO BOYS ALLOWED! Well, that was my opinion and then it was decided {ahem, by Ashlee} that the party would be at Hansel and Gretel! Christmas at Hansel and Gretel, what would be better? Well, I'm used to having parties at my house. Um, the other house. The one that could hold lots of people and no one would trip over cords....sorry, Christy! I was ready, though. Hosting a party at Hansel and Gretel was one of the reasons I love this house. It has so much character and needs to have people see it and swoon over me!

It had been raining ALL DAY LONG! I was getting messages asking if we could just wear pj's. I'm so glad Ashlee is the "leader" of this group. She put her foot pj's! Glitter, sequins, sparkle, it's a Christmas party!! I'm glad she did. I love to get dressed up and I didn't have to go outside! yay!

Everyone brought food and a wrapped gift of their Favorite Thing and we would play Dirty Santa! This has become my favorite kind of party. We always just do Christmas gift for Dirty Santa. But, My Favorite Thing? Yes, that's a good one!! We drank some Jingle Jangle Juice. Too bad there isn't a photo of was so pretty and delicious!

Krista getting an earful! {laughing at myself, now. I'm so serious!}

Doesn't the food look amazing? {it was}

Champagne as a hostess gift? {yes, thank you, Ashlee!}

I have had so much fun getting to know these girls! Dirty Santa was pretty dirty! I was excited to get a BirchBox. I have been wanting to try it and I won a 3month subscription! Thanks, Lori!

As usual, Lori Gordon took the photos! She even teaches others how to take photos like these! Wanna learn? Check out Click Workshops!

Turkey Craft Night with The Smoking Glue Guns

The Smoking Glue Guns: Crafters who get together once a month and craft. and eat. and drink. and talk about girl stuff. 

Filling our bellies was the first priority!

Ashlee is the hostess with the mostess. Seriously, I want these turkeys. the feathers, oh my! Her house is amazing. I'm going over to take pictures after Christmas so you can see her fantastic decorating skills!

Craft: Stamping salvaged wood. aka vintage to vogue. The beginning: stamps and ink.

A sample....or two

The mess:

The action: 

We used rubber stamps and clear stamps. The creativity was flowing along with the punch!

Nichole made these cute wedding blocks! We decided she should hang them together and link with a little piece of chain. 

And this "my sunshine" she wrote on the back to her daughter! #swoon

This is one of my favorite shots! A pile of thankful goodness!!

There were a couple of these! Too bad we didn't have more long pieces. 

Christy's stash. She knew what she wanted and got right to it! I love her "stack"

I'm giving these as hostess gifts this year! Wine or Champagne? It WILL have a cute tag on it!

Lori gave me the idea to do a house number! It's my FAVE!

22. twenty-two. 2-two. twenty-2 
It's her number.

Ashlee's finished products! She was full of fun ideas!
Does anyone see a Christmas tree? or is it just me?

The group shot. Missing Krista :-(

So glad to get to know this girl! 

Lori even did a little impromptu photo shoot for Lucy Lockets

All of the photos were taken by Lori Gordon. She is an amazing photographer and if you want fabulous photos of your family, she is the one to call! If you want to learn how to take photos like her...she will teach you! Click Workshops