Shopping with my $150 Gift Card to Create-ologie

Do you ever join Twitter chats? I've done several with Hometalk and when I signed up to go to Snap! The Conference today, I saw that they were having one tonight! I love to meet new people...virtually! The cool thing about that is you get to know them online and then when you finally meet them in person, you are instant BFF's! (totally happened at The Chapel Market on Saturday) Create-ologie was the sponsor of this one. They did a plug for their website and then asked decorating questions. One question was do you use anything unconventional in your decorating? haha. The easier question for me would be do you use anything conventional in your decorating. yes, couches. I simply answered that I use lots of unconventional items and one is a whip for a pendant light in my kitchen. Another question was what or who influences you when you decorate. I answered with natural elements and texture. Then I re-answered, "If I can find the history or a story behind a piece, I'm sold!". I think that was the winning answer. You really can't tell, but I was staring at the screen when they were choosing and telling myself that I was going to win. Do you ever do that? Well, it worked! My kids thought I was crazy and Emma asked me to re-inact the moment. I did a small version and her phone died. Yes, she was video taping it to show all of her friends what a corn-dog I am! (yay)

So, then I started shopping. I couldn't wait. $150? That's a LOT of cash! As soon as I went to the online store, I saw that they had lots of items that I ordered at Atlanta Gift Mart in July from Creative Co-op. Where Women Create had a "booth" there with lots of organizing pieces. I got to meet Jo Packham. I LOVE what I ordered and there were several things that I didn't get. Guess what? They are in the shopping cart as we speak!! Of course, now I've spent more than $150 and need to decide just how badly I need all this fabulousness.

That's where you come in. Do you think you can help me choose? Ok, here is what I want.

This hook is fabulous! I have one similar on an old, chippy, green door that I display Lucy Lockets on. I could use another one! $22

I'm way over my $150. I need opinions. Do I keep it in budget? Help!!

An Outstanding Day at The Chapel Market

I can't put into words how fantastic this day was. I had the key to the chapel (now that sounds important, doesn't it?) since I was the last one to leave. (Oh yeah, we didn't start setting up until 8:30pm) I was planning on meeting Layla at 7:55am. She didn't want to open to the vendors before 8am and we KNEW there would be a line down wrapped around the building! As we drove up, I got out at the street and walked up the hill. Kevin and Layla needed to take care of a few logistics before going in. There was that line! (and it was looooooong) Take a look at this photo that Abby, from Southern Makers took from the bottom of the hill.

What an exciting feeling to have put this event together over the past few months and see that all of the efforts were worth it! I think we all knew, but you still have doubts, right? Layla from the Lettered Cottage has such a genuine personality and has a huge following because of her enthusiasm in everything she does. I knew it would be a success!

There were lots of vendors and volunteers milling around inside. Lots of early shopping going on! I sold 4 Lucy Lockets to vendors and volunteers that morning! They all wanted something to wear for the day! I can't tell you how incredible the feeling was that someone wanted to wear my jewelry during this show! (blush)

This is a shot of me that Rhoda of Southern Hospitality took in the booth before it opened. I think I was working on Kari of Thistlewood Farm's earring! She ran over with a jewelry emergency. One of her jump rings went missing and I didn't bring my tools, so we used twine! One thing a DIY'er is good at....improvising!

We were set up at the back of the Chapel. We had a corner and were the last booth to stop by before leaving. Well, until you got to the door and then you got to see the Southern Makers booth. Save the date for 5.3.14. That event is not to be missed! They brought a goodie bag for everyone. I think I heard them say they had around 300 and ran out pretty quickly! (There were a lot of people there!) I love that I grabbed my tiny Alabama chalkboard at the last minute and they ended up using it. The amazing chalk lettering artist, Rachel, did the lettering. I mean, who would think, "grab a bag" would be so cute?? Love this sign and I think I could've sold several! Be on the lookout, those may show up soon!

Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect was across the lane from us. Right before everyone was coming in, I decided to pull out my camera! A little too late, but I snapped a few from where I stood!

Turned around to snap a couple of our booth in it's glory. It would be picked over in just a few minutes!
Our booth turned out pretty amazing! We were working on it until around 1:00am. I wouldn't trade it, though. I'm so thankful to Southern Accents for letting me bring so many things to The Chapel Market. It's amazing how well my jewelry looks with the architectural accents! (wink) Heather came to represent the store and we worked magic in those few hours! How about that tree in the corner? Isn't that thing amazing? We couldn't make up our mind where we wanted it.  We needed the height and that was the perfect piece for that corner!

I got a quick pic of Miss Mustard Seed's booth just as the first group was coming in! Some had been in line for over an hour!! Dedication, I tell ya! You can see Layla's booth in the back corner!

I tried to grab Kari, Heather and Laura's booth. I did get Heather helping a customer! The booths were filling up quickly!!

This adorable sign was not even a snippet of the gorgeous flower cart Evan of Evan and Company created at the center of the Chapel. It's so hard to stop and take photos! I need a photographer to follow me around. That would make blogging so easier, right??

This is my friend, Beth. Her cute hubby took this photo of us right before it got crazy in there! She is also the Diet Coke fairy!! I was standing there around noon and thinking I could sure use something to drink, anything, but preferably with caffeine and I swear, I looked down and there was a COLD Diet Coke! I almost screamed! I looked around and no one was there...then, I saw Beth. She was walking toward the front of the Chapel and I ran up and told her she was my lifesaver!! She rocks. Check out her recap. You will find lots of great photos, the Lucy Locket she swiped, not to mention, it's hilarious! (stealing cotton is so much more fun than buying cotton) Stay tuned since she may just be doing a little Lucy Lockets giveaway soon!!!

As happens in the South, especially Alabama, when the football games start coming on, everyone finds their way in front of a tv. Auburn had a big game this weekend and it was the team the local crowd wasn't missing! Around 2:00pm things really started slowing down. That's when I started socializing and shopping! (shhh, don't tell)

I quickly grabbed one of Mary Kay Andrew's new books, Christmas Bliss! Can't wait to dive into that one! I told Heather she should get one too and she ended up buying 3! I won't say who they were for, they might just be gifts!! (wink) She wanted to grab a pic to add to the wall of fame at the store!

And then there was this.....Do you see the green, rusty, chippiness on this set of drawers? I  know, I almost licked it! I eyed it at the beginning, but didn't know how full my pocketbook would be at the end of the day, so I let fate play it's hand. If it was there after the show, I would let it organize all of my gorgeous pieces of hardware in the Lucy Lockets workshop! It was in Urban Farmgirl's booth, but this yumminess belonged to Maple and Magnolia. She and I started a little negotiating and guess where this bad boy ended up! You guessed it! It's in the workshop, it's empty, but it's in there! 

This is the group! So thrilled to be squished between all this talent! What a wonderful day to be able to spend it with such creative people! If you didn't get to come, look for it again next year. We don't know for sure, but we are all crossing our fingers there will be a second The Chapel Market!!!

We grabbed Layla in between her getting us coffee (angel) and resting her feet (how dare she) for a quick picture. I think those smiles say it all! 

Truly an amazing way to end the day. I understand why they live in this adorable neighborhood. If the sunset looked like this everyday with the Chapel at the top of the hill, I would move right in! (forget moon glow) ((just kidding)) (((I met with the builder today))) ((((eeeeeek))))

Going to the Chapel Market

Oh wow, what a weekend! I think I've been working toward this weekend for months and months. I remember exactly where I was when Layla called to ask if I would come to her vintage market and bring goodies from Southern Accents. It would be held in The Waters at Pike Road in The Chapel. She was calling it The Chapel Market. I knew right away I was in. I needed to run it by Garlan, but I was sure he would say yes! We love to work with Layla on projects! I was in the mantel/door warehouse at the store looking for things to take to pull for a few clients. I only had my phone and a pen. Not sure why I had a pen and no paper, but I picked up a plinthe block and started writing down the details on the back! 

 The couple of nights before I left, I worked on a few giveaways, business cards and a prism and leather necklace that was a hit at the show! I worked for weeks making so many one of a kind necklaces and cuffs. I had no idea if it would be enough or way too many! 

 I took this picture of the chapel as I was heading back over to wait on Southern Accents to bring everything. Kathy and Eddie hosted us at their house for dinner. It was amazing! Their house was absolutely beautiful and the food was delish! I never did get that dessert! darn it!

As soon as the truck got there we started unloading everything and moving it all around. There was A LOT to be unloaded, placed and priced! I think they got there around 8:30 and we were walking out the door at 1:00am. Thank goodness for Cindy!! She offered to let me stay at her adorable cottage for the night! I can't thank her enough. I didn't take any photos since I walked in so late and was up and at 'em the next morning so early. I will have to visit again and give you guys the tour. Her house is fantastic!!

This is a shot of the room from the front of the chapel. The calm before the storm!

I picked up this tractor spring in Chattanooga a few weeks ago. I love how many cuffs it will hold!

Garlan saved this end of a beam from Southern Accents for me to display a single cuff. I love the color and wear on it. There is a dowel running through the center. It's a cool piece that otherwise, would have been thrown out! 

My favorite way to display necklaces! These drawers are from an old cabinet. Each clipboard/drawer has rings to hold ledgers. The marking on them is very interesting. I just attach each one with a screw and voila, the perfect display! I used both sides of the lattice for this show. 

So many fun things in the booth! That bright light is from a lamp that was snatched up immediately...actually, before the show really opened!! The wood shop was busy last week making Christmas trees, signs, and those wood ornament giveaways! We call them our calling card! They are the perfect way to take a piece of Southern Accents with you! 

 Thanks to Ashlee for letting me use her fabulous dress form! Isn't it amazing?

We were thrilled to have our friends from Southern Makers there! Andrea and Abby used a lot of architectural pieces from the store. They sponsored the event and we wouldn't have had it without them! Such a huge supporter of the area and really looking forward to the next Southern Makers event! Mark your calendars for 5.3.14!

 Stay tuned for part two of The Chapel Market! Lots of fun and people the day of the show!

August in Instagram

Summer is over. It doesn't feel like it really began. Too much work, too much rain. Next summer will be better! Let's get ready for Fall! Heading out to a college football game tomorrow. Very fitting, don't you think?

August had us making videos for last days of summer, going to church, Haven in Atlanta, the beach, the beach! Exploring old buildings in downtown Birmingham, teaching cheerleaders, research for The Chapel Market, loving scenes from Hansel and Gretel, decorating for Christmas and friends bringing back prizes from New Orleans! Planning a new house!  It was a fun month!