The American Flag

It's such an iconic symbol of our freedom in America. In so many ways, this symbol gives us feelings of safety and pride. I have several decor items for the celebration on the 4th of July, but I have versions of the American Flag up all year.

The Smoking Glue Guns chose to make American Flags out of reclaimed wood this month. We picked up wood from Southern Accents and DWS. I had a few things in my stash that I used to add more dimension and texture. Our craft night was a little different than usual. We were using power tools! Well, Sara was! hehe Each person picked the wood they wanted to use and took it to her to be cut to size. The best part of that was when we were getting ready to clean up and discovered we had a "group flag" with all the scraps! It's being mounted on plywood to be hung in the Smoking Glue Guns Workshop at Ashlee's house!

I was thrilled that two of my besties got to join us. Daphney wanted to make a flag and Ashlee came in town for an appointment and decided to stay! Aren't their flags cute? This one of mine is hanging in Connor's office. He loves an American Flag!

 I couldn't get enough of them, apparently. I've made two more since that night! One is hanging on the barn at Hansel and Gretel and this one I may sleep with! Haha...just kidding. I have been in love with this wood for over a year. Thank goodness I brought a few pieces home with me when I saw it because I found out yesterday it was sold! Seriously broke my heart and reminded me that I have to start doing things instead of just thinking about them! Of course, one of my favorite creative friends dug it out of the wood warehouse at Southern Accents. She has amazing taste! ;)

This flag is something I dream of making one day! I love Alabama Chanin and love hand stitching! You can order this quilt online or order the DIY kit online.

Spray Paint and a Stencil

Oh, how I love spray paint! It transforms so quickly. I love instant gratification, but who doesn't?

We are working diligently on the Southern Makers event on May 4, 2013. Southern Accents is transforming the Train Station in Montgomery into a Southern Accents design! We have lots of projects to cover: the dumpster fencing, the outside bathroom walls, the stage, a workstation, and lots of little spots all over the area.

I went by Cullman Sign and Banner to hang out with Suzi. She made us a few vinyl stencils to try out for putting our logo all over the place! We chose to do one with our long logo and the other is just the monogram. After I picked through these really cool letters from the back, I took the stencils over to the Vintage Wood Warehouse where Ryan helped me find some spray paint. I was just going to find a junk piece of wood for testing and then I saw an industrial cart. Oh yeah! Who wouldn't love to have the SA monogram on an old industrial cart? I didn't clean the wood with soap and water nor did I sand it. You can imagine the texture on the cart. Vinyl doesn't stick very well to dirt and bumps, so I used a little painters tape to hold it all in place. 

It turned out really cool, I think!

The bigger logo wouldn't fit on a cart, so Ryan helped me find a really wide piece of wood. This one could not have been more perfect! I wiped it down with a paper towel and stuck the vinyl on as good as I could. The top and bottom wrapped around and that helped hold it in place. I really loved the white contrast with the wood coming through....maybe another option soon? I can paint the opposite white and have the wood showing through as the logo.

Next step spray paint. I let it sit for a few minutes and noticed the vinyl was bubbling up! I guess the spray paint is too strong. It's probably best to use roll on stain or paint.

I pulled up the vinyl slowly.......I LOVE it! It's just a clean look with the rustic wood behind it.

I have no idea why it says Cullman, Alabama on there twice. Must have been a glitch in the machine! Oh well, they are proud to be from, it fits!

I've got to quit stripping.

It's so bad for me! Plus, I'm horrible at it. I make zero money.

I'm stripping these corbels for Layla Palmer. She asked me to help her look for corbels several months ago. I found these in Tennessee and they are fabulous, but she wanted them stripped. I should have taken them to Cullman immediately. Instead, I waited until the last minute and tried to do it myself. I went to Lowe's and bought all the supplies.

I took it all over to Ashlee's....she would know what to do. We sat in her driveway: me stripping, her making some AWESOME teacher gifts. Watch her blog this week. I bet you will see them there! (wink)

I was struggling. We went inside for a sandwich and I got a phone call. It was Garlan asking me about an ad for the Southern Makers event book. I told him my dilemna. He tried to say I told you so, but I stopped him and he told me to get to the store and he would put them in the strip tank. Ahhhhh....hero!

I packed my bucket real quick and headed north!

I was planning on meeting Layla and Kevin at 3:00 to help with a project they are working on...check out this post to follow along with this particular adventure! The corbels are for something totally different! ;)

I went straight to the wood shop and Roger helped me tell Rojelio that I needed these corbels stripped. I pulled 4 out of a garbage bag and he threw them in the tank. Wow. Really? He wears and apron and these really thick long gloves so his skin won't burn. I was over there with my camera in one hand and phone in the other. Roger told me to step away from the tank! I decided one weapon at a time!

I'm not sure why Rojelio doesn't have his gloves on here. He needs to be careful! Dipping and stripping? much easier!

He was dunking them and using a bucket to pour the stripper over the corbels.

 Wow, can you believe how it just bubbles up? I just wanted to reach in and peel it all up! I can't wait to see them come out of the tank!

I left them with him and went up front to meet up with Layla and Kevin. I was surprised to see Myra, from My Blessed Life, come in! She had her sweet baby boy with her. He is SO cute! She was meeting them, too. We spent the rest of the afternoon out at the wood warehouse with Ryan finding, measuring, and pulling wood. Loaded it all up for them to take home and realized it was too late to get the corbels. We told them all about the Southern Makers event and they are planning on stopping, we will deliver that weekend! A fun day. I really love helping people find their treasures at Southern Accents.

Birmingham Home and Garden Show

Oh man, that was a long week! I can't believe how hard it was to have a booth at the show. We started set-up on Tuesday. I was at the BJCC on Tuesday morning helping the guys lay the floor, decide where to put the doors and carpenter's bench. On Tuesday evening, back to the BJCC to meet Garlan and Michael to go over a few changes and where we wanted to add flowers. We are in the middle of the Gardens of the show, so bear in mind, we aren't going to win the flower category! I was up until midnight with Lori and Ashlee working on the brochure.....we still had a typo! oopsie, maybe because we were up so late? I'm sure our eyes were crossing! We did copy it from the website, but we should have read through that!

We had a few minor issues when setting up. Thankfully, Adam knows how to use a drill, saw and nail gun! I need a clone of him in my back pocket!

I think we have an amazing booth. I'm a little worried about being an architectural salvage company and being in the middle of the Gardens. The event planner assures me that she would not PAY to move! Ok, here we go. Wednesday we added the rest of the banners and all of the little things. Carpenter's pencils and small blocks of reclaimed wood with a Southern Accents logo stamped on them were giveaways.

A few of us "in" the booth. That's Daphney from Thursday, Garlan and I were there Saturday and Sunday and Michael stopped by on Saturday to check out how his flowers looked in the booth!
I was thankful to not have to work on the booth this night. Emma was trying out for cheerleader on Friday and I wanted to see her practice. I needed to feel good about her being ready! Of course, she was! She's a pro ;)! The show started at 11:00am on Thursday. Mike met me at our booth with the brochures. Garlan brought in a few things we needed at the last minute and the show got started!!

We were full force all day Thursday. There were lots of people waiting to get in before the doors open. I had so much fun meeting each person and telling them about Southern Accents. Thursday was Valentine's Day. I had no food and nothing to drink all day! Someone could've brought me dinner, don't you think? Daphney brought me lunch and I ate half of my chicken salad sandwich at 9:30 in bed that night! I was worn out and thankful I didn't have to work on Friday.

I did meet Heather and Mandy at the show Friday morning. They were running a little behind. I didn't mind hanging out at the booth for them. I ended up staying until around 1:00. Cheer tryouts were after school and I had to be there for Emma! She went through around 5:30 and said she did everything perfectly! I am always so proud of her. She works hard at cheer and tumbling and it pays off! After she finished, I took her to Taziki's, one of her favorite places to eat. While we were sitting there the results were in! SHE MADE IT!! We were thrilled! Being in Middle School has lots of lessons. This year a good friend that was on the squad last year didn't make it again. Emma was very upset and not sure how to handle it. I talked her into texting her on Sunday. I think it was good for both of them.

Saturday and Sunday are a complete blur. I was at the show at 10:00am on Saturday and barely remember being home until Sunday night! I do think the show was very successful. We got several leads and lots of email addresses! I think they are doing the Hunstville Home and Garden show......not sure if I'm going to make that one! I will have to wait a few days to decide!

 I was so glad to do this project. It was fun designing the booth and banners. I think it turned out gorgeous. We had lots of compliments and lots of interest in the store. I had a blast meeting so many people and giving them a better understanding of the company.

Just a few more photos from our booth. It should've won an award! We were on Fox6 the morning of the show. One of the news anchors broadcast live right in front of it!

All of this could not have happened without months of work! I know the store was pretty much shut down for a week working on the floor and the blocks of wood. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making it perfect! It was all worth it, don't you think?

Creek Party - One More Week!

We only have one more week before the Creek Party will be holding it's first party!! We are celebrating my husband's Grandfather's birthday. We call him Papa. He is 85 years young! We're so excited to break in the Creek Party for his birthday. It is the perfect first "party", don't you think?

We were out there on Saturday and Sunday. We made beds, hung pictures and other fun stuff on the walls. The kids played climbing up and down the ladder! We HAVE to get a staircase to get into the loft. It's high and dangerous!

In the basement, we have barn wood skins on the walls. They are very rustic. It's a huge open room with concrete floors, a bar on one end and the door at the other end is a garage door. I have a feeling it will stay open ALL the time! We may need one of those screen things to keep the bugs out!

I took a few pics with my iphone of the crate-shelving wall. I wanted these over the table for games, etc. We decided to move it to another wall and I have a feeling it will be moved once again. Here is what is up now. I got these at Scott's Antique Market last month. I'm heading back there on Friday and can't WAIT! I will be getting a few more, no doubt. These are great for lots of projects.

Anyone notice it's the shape of an L? Laura and I decided it looked best that way ;)!

I also hung the arrow chalkboard. I've been selling these in my Etsy shop. I had this one left and knew in the back of my mind it would end up at the creek! I LOVE the way it looks on this wall. It's the first thing you see when you walk downstairs.

This is such a cool place and I know there will be lots of memories made here. I plan on sharing as many details as I can here. It's going to be a great party!!!

A Wood Project for Christmas

Ashlee called the other day and said she had a project for us to do on Tuesday. We had our day planned to hang out at the Barn at Hansel and Gretel. Well, Emma hurt her neck at gymnastics...that threw a kink in our plans.......literally! 
She is ok, but she couldn't move her neck at all! I took her to the doc and they helped her work it out! 

Ashlee and I changed our plans to Wednesday. She came over around 10am and brought some old wood from her neighbor's fence! It was old and grey and worn out! Perfect!!

We were making mangers for Baby Jesus! Ashlee saw one her friend's husband made and knew it was the perfect project for us. 

We didn't have a pattern, just a picture. We totally just figured it all out. First we cut the long side pieces. The first cuts were a little too long. The proportions had to be right. We just cut 5 or 6 inches off and then cut the other 3 the same. 

Next we cut the pieces for the ends. Those pretty much needed to be a square. It would square up on the ends. We did no official measuring. 

Here are several of the cuts. The top one is probably too long. We cut it to match the two smaller matching pieces. That little piece was going to be an end. We love the rustic-ness of it! 

We didn't have any extra hands to take pictures of us screwing all the pieces together. We just lined up the smallest piece to on of the longer pieces and put in two screws. Next we took the other "side" piece and screwed it to the small pieces matching up the corners. 
The next step was to cut the legs. All of our pieces were the perfect widths from the fence. These smaller pieces made the best legs! We just held them up to the bed area and cut them to fit. The last step was to screw in the legs under the base. We made it and X shape for ease. 

Our finished project! Do you think it is as cute as I do? I was thrilled with the outcome! We literally were finished in an hour. That included Ashlee going through the house looking at all my Christmas decor and finding screws as we went along! 

This project was so simple and fits perfect with my wood Christmas tree and tiny tree with burlap! I added a bit of straw. I do not have a baby to put in my manger, but I may take the top of a post or just a wood ball and wrap it up in a blanket to make it look like a baby!

Ashlee posted a pic of hers on Instagram with this precious star and her "baby Jesus". I'm smitten!

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