Creek Party! is for sale

We started working on this house around 10 months ago. My husband can find the most beautiful pieces of property and then turn them into these amazing places to live. He really specializes in large tracts of land. I guess I should give you the deets...didn't really intend this to be a sponsored post. I will have to ask for compensation! haha

He owns his own real estate firm, High Pointe Properties. You can check out the website for listings  All of this to say, the Creek Party! house is for sale!! We are thrilled to put it on the market. We worked very hard to make this a place like none other in the state of Alabama. The cabin is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, full size loft with many being, it's in the middle of nowhere!

An amazing photographer, Alan Matthews, came out one rainy Sunday and snapped some great pics. We have been trying to get together for months! We finally decided to weather the rain and make it happen. Didn't get any of the outside of the house, but you can see that here or here.

I love this view from the windows that cover the front of the house. The wood-clad beams and just enough wood accents really gives this house a modern, yet rustic feel. The rocks you see on the fireplace surround were pulled from the creek. You will see those on the patio in the back, too! The floors are reclaimed hickory. Possibly my favorite flooring right now. We just added a clear, flat finish to these so you could see the natural beauty of them!

When you turn around and look out the windows instead of into the house, you see this. Seriously, this is right outside! The color was probably enhanced just a tad since it was a cloudy day, but this captures the view perfectly.

Downstairs is very rustic. The ceilings in this bedroom are red barn wood and the walls are old bleachers! They are so fun and still have plaques and holes for the bolts. We put a set of bunk beds in this room and would probably put another set if we had them.

This bedroom has the view of the creek. It has the same red barn wood on the ceiling with a little around the walls to accent the natural barn wood walls. The doors were all saved from the same house in Hanceville, Alabama. The floors on the bottom floor are stained concrete. You can see a couple of shots of the downstairs living space here.

I was so thankful when I grabbed Connor for a shot of the two of us. I love this picture. We enjoy building houses together. We have similar tastes and when we disagree, we can usually compromise! 

I have always loved this screen door. It serves no purpose. I just love to look at the size and character of it! It will go with me to another house.....more on that later! ;)

Making Southern Makers

I can't begin to describe the fun I had helping with the inaugural Southern Makers event on May 4th. I worked with Southern Accents to turn the Train Shed in Montgomery into a magical, southern, recycled piece of art! We changed several areas from blah to FANTASTIC!

We needed to feed the attendees through one point. The Train Shed has several entrances, but we needed them to come through an entrance for ticket purchase, etc. We created a tunnel of sorts for them to walk through. Brad Bell of Bell + Bragg came to the store several weeks back and he and Ryan created the perfect entrance. Brad is a designer and architect and Ryan is the master craftsman. Together they created something amazing. The city of Montgomery liked it so much...they bought it!

As soon as you walk through the tunnel, the next thing in your view was the fencing around the dumpsters. I'm sure the city thought this was more attractive than the dumpsters, but we saw another vision. We wanted to create walls that exuded color and creativity. The fencing was 8 feet tall and we wanted to cover every inch of it!

We pulled letters, patterns, shutters, doors and created a chalkboard for the itinerary from door trim. We also used fun items like a bike and a scoreboard. We didn't have any rhyme or reason; just make it fit and cover all the spaces! It was lots of fun telling them to move this door, no bring that one here, wait, I like it better the other way! (wink) They were ready for me to move on to another project!

The stage was at the opposite end of the entrance and dumpsters. They were renting a generic stage and we needed to add some architectural salvage fluff. We cut bead board and barn wood to different lengths to cover the surround of the stage and used driftwood to give it a spooky feel. We used different pieces of driftwood for the front of the stage to add some depth and give it that feeling.

 The backdrop for the bands was possibly my favorite part. These windows were a project! All the glass had to be taken out so that the wind could flow through. Then we added eye hooks to each one so that when we got to the Train Shed, they would be able to connect them with chain. I love how it creates a wall, but shows the stained glass and the wall of doors behind them.

 I love this picture. I found this piece with dowels lined up on it at a local recycling place. We placed our infamous wood block calling cards on each dowel to draw attention to the auction area. The patina on this piece is fantastic. This was used in a window making factory to organize parts. It ended up looking like it's own piece of art!

 This wall of inspiration came from the ideas of "What I want to do before I die..." boards. You see them in several cities and you can walk up and add your wish with chalk. Since our event was all about making and inspirational artists, we decided that's what our wall would be, "What inspires you..." We had to build a stand for it, but it was in a central location and it turned into a beautiful piece of art!

 This was the workshop area. The plan was to have workshops throughout the day about farming and makers from around the state of Alabama. We tried to find a workbench that we could just bring with us, but finding one this long was impossible! We put Adam to work and he created this amazing front with lots of colored reclaimed wood. Adding a few stencils, a cash register and some other creative elements, it turned out to be somewhere I would LOVE to work everyday! The windows in the background have colored glass and are arched at the top. They were the perfect backdrop for learning and being creative! Pictured is Tasia Malakasis of Belle Chèvre goat cheese and her son.

A huge thanks to Brad Bell of Bell + Bragg for all of his creativity and hard work the whole day.

The biggest thanks goes out to all these guys. They worked so hard and created this beautiful set that will be talked about for long into the future! 

I enjoyed meeting other makers from around the state of Alabama and making new friends. We are all still talking about it and having withdrawals from one another. Can't wait until next year!

Huge thanks to Tiffany Bell at Matter, Andrea Jean and Abby Basinger at Goodwin, Mills and Cawood. These girls worked very hard and pulled off an amazing event! Also, Edwin Marty of E.A.T South for his huge influence in the collaboration to make this happen!

Photo credit to Michelle Marie Photography and Southern Makers staff. For all the details and lots more photos go to Southern Makers Facebook page. Can't wait for the next event! 

Doors, Doors, Doors

Our house on Shades Creek, we call it the Creek Party!, was built using (mostly) reclaimed materials. I bet you can guess where I got most of those reclaimed pieces! I knew I wanted to use old doors in this house. We have a bay door on the back looking out over the patio, and a couple of outside doors that are new, but for the most part, they are all reclaimed. Garlan was taking down a house in his neck of the woods at exactly the time I needed doors! Good for me? Good for him! He had exactly 8 interior doors still in their jambs that I could get. The front door was also available. It was perfect and how cool for them to all stay together. They were like orphan doors that needed to stay together. I was going to be their new mom!

I forgot to mention, hardware was also included! This was meant to be, don't you think? I love this little plastic cover on this doorknob. It has, it's staying!

 This is in the downstairs bedroom. You can see 3 of the doors in this photo. We used barn wood to cover the walls. The red is on the ceiling and when we ran out of the brown skins, we pulled the red down like a trim for the top of the walls. I was a little worried that it might make the ceiling feel like it was coming down on you, but it just adds dimension. I love the way it turned out! Sometimes, I just pull together what I like and hope it all works together. I can't believe how well these doors look. This room looks like an old farmhouse that was built in the 1800's. I LOVE it!

Ok, so the front door from the house kinda got taken from me. Not really, (wink) it was too sentimental for me to keep. The sweetest lady came by while Garlan was taking down the house telling him it was her grandmother's house. She was talking to him about all of her memories there and how much she always loved that front door. Seriously? I had to let her have it, right? She and I have become "friends" on Facebook and I am so glad she has that door. It fills her with memories of her childhood. I love my "new" door. I had to scramble to get one. Honestly, I'm not picky. Garlan walked through the store and sent me a couple of pictures of doors that would work and this cute red door made the cut! It adds a fun element to the front of the house! My nephew asked his mom why I picked a door that was so old looking! She just said, "That's your Aunt Lucy, she likes things like that!". The door opened the wrong way and instead of filling the hole and it not looking like the rest of the door, Garlan added a piece of hardware from an old pocket door. Ahhhhhh, it's my favorite!!

I didn't get doors for the pantry until the last minute. I wanted to find something really cool and different. I really wanted glass, but didn't look hard enough. Again, I called G and told him the dimensions I needed......he found me some cool red doors. I think these have about 12,000 coats of paint on them!! I left them as is, of course. They needed pulls and I had picked these cool brass ones up for my husbands office several months before. He never put them on his doors, so I stole them for the Creek Party! #perfection 

  There are a couple of sets similar to these on their website right now..... they won't last long! If you want to keep up with all the new findings at Southern Accents, you can follow their Facebook page. The inventory changes daily. I am heading up a blogger meetup next week sponsored by Southern Accents and Hometalk. If you haven't been to the Hometalk website. Go there NOW! You can thank me later!