Hays House Salvaged

When a house is being salvaged it's because it can't be repaired or someone has decided that the property can be used in a better way. We don't like to think anything can be better than a beautiful old home sitting on it's original land. Most of the time, there is a lot of time and effort into figuring out how to save the house. No one wants to lose history.

The Hays House in Cullman, Alabama has been looking for a new owner for over a year. The city owns the property that the house is sitting on and needs it for another use. They wanted to give the house away. The only criteria is you had to move it. It's a two story home and wouldn't go under the overpasses on the interstate and it would cost a lot to move it. There was some damage to the house when the tornados came through in April of 2011. It was going to be hard to move this gorgeous home.

Several weeks ago, Southern Accents Architectural Antiques acquired the home for salvage. It's controversial, but there are some amazing pieces in this house that need to be saved. If we didn't go in and break it down piece by piece, it would have been hit by a wrecking ball and those gorgeous windows would have been shattered. I love so many things about this house. Emma and I went in a little over a year ago and looked through all the rooms. There was an adorable spanish brass chandelier hanging in the living room, 5 panel, solid doors throughout and columns and hardwoods that could be saved. She stood next to a door upstairs that was a closet and was so amazed at how short the door was! She was probably around 5'2" at the time....now she's 5'7" and looking me straight in the eye. ugh

The house was built in 1901 by Dr. Hays. He and his wife lived there and he even saw patients in the home. It was acquired by the Cullman Historic Society in 2010, who had to move out after the tornado came through. You can read more on the history of this house here

The deconstruction started last week. I was in Cullman and went by to snap a few pictures of the guys working. They are very organized. This is such a meticulous job. You can't just walk in with a sledgehammer, you have to remove nails individually and pull carefully to get the piece out without damaging the architectural details. A lot of care goes into saving these pieces. Some things are sold before they are pulled out of the house. Others will be sold through the store. I have my eye on a couple of things for MoonGlow. We'll see if I can work that out! I will let you guess what you think I want!

Antique Red Door Hays House

Antique Windows Hays House

Antique Trim Hays House

Antique 5 Panel Doors

Hard at work saving these artifacts
It will have to be de-nailed, too. 

Fireplace, floor grate and flooring all to be saved.

Antique Newel post Hays House

Back To School - August 19

First day back. Summer is over. I have a 13 year old 8th grader and an 11 year old 6th grader. Been a few years since they were in the same school. Same carpool line. Emma is very excited about her little brother being at school with her. He's pretty excited to be there, too!

NOTE: He just walked in my room with his new Alabama dry fit shirt, Alabama basketball shorts and new under shorts. He can't wear ANY of that to school tomorrow!

Dress code is a lot more strict at the middle school. They have to wear a belt every single day. He has worn a belt or pants that need a belt a total of 8 times in his life. He'll be fine, but it's going to be a big adjustment! Emma will wear her cheer uniform tomorrow. She has to be there at 7:15 am to get ready for the pep rally. She always looks so cute and I'm so proud of her! It's going to be early.....for sure. They will be excited, though. It's Tuesday I'm worried about! Hopefully, they can get in bed early on Monday night.

Emma just walked in for me to help her iron her shirt. While we are waiting on the iron to heat up she says we have to leave at 7:05 in the morning. Then she asks if I will drop her off first or John Connor. Ummmmmmmmm.......You go to the SAME SCHOOL! She was like. oh. yeah. I guess we can leave at 7:10. (giggle)

And now on to memory lane......so many pictures to choose from. Be still my heart!

5 year old birthday party. Cheer theme. We had Hoover cheerleaders there for inspiration. I have a feeling Emma may be doing that for a couple of little friends soon! 

Here she is helping the 2nd graders with their dance before the season starts!


 First day of Kindergarten.....seriously? Oh my heart!


 He couldn't wait to ride the bus. He'd been watching Emma go for 3 years. It was finally his turn!

Will go for either of these next two shots in the morning. I have a feeling we will be running late and no one will pose for pictures!

Point Your Toes

Meet the State Champion Level 7 13-14 year old. She scored first place in all three events! 
Look at those pointed toes! (yay)

This is her T&T BFF, Emma, or as she is called at the gym, Steve. 

These two are a lot alike in a lot of ways. I love that Farmer has Steve as a role model. She is a great girl and is going to be an amazing woman! 

I've had a blast hanging out with my girl. We have so much fun together. She thinks I'm a little weird and.....the feelings are mutual! We don't get a lot of one on one time. She's always with a friend and if she's with us...well, it's us, not just the two of us. 

Some of the funny things she's said. hashtag winner...or just hashtag anything. She's called me Jack 12 times...at least. She's working on a Doing book. It's supposed to help her be creative and do things. I had to read part of it aloud and LOVED what I read. She wanted to Vine me. 

She's not sure if she wants to keep doing T&T. The meets seem to fall on a weekend when there is something else fun going on. I wouldn't miss her meets for anything. If she wants to keep it up. I will be here every. single. time. 

Home Run Hero

I had a moment last night. I guess all Mom's do and often, right?  We were at John Connor's baseball game. We got there early, so it was a long night on the bleachers. The first inning had us biting our nails. It was 2 all. We got up to bat again and our team went through the lineup almost twice. Whole new, boring game. The games usually make it to 4 innings. The time limit is an hour and 40 minutes or 10 run mercy rule at the end of the 4th. There were 15 minutes left and we were winning 12-14. Two runs or 15 minutes...which ever came first, it would be over. We had the family there! Even Grayson came to watch. He's our studly 8th grade baseball player-cousin from Trussville. They beat Oak Mountain in the area tournament on Monday night. It was their first year to play at the middle school level. Last year they didn't have a team. Let's be honest,  he was a little bored and ready to go.

Earlier that day, John Connor had been begging for a new bat. Everyone has been using "white lightning" and it was the rockstar bat. He didn't necessarily want that one (i'm sure he did). He wanted one immediately and you have to order that one. We went to Academy. He was spending his money from his birthday. I don't have a clue about bats. I didn't see one that was his size and he really didn't want any of them. We left with no bat.

Back to the game. We had a runner on 3rd. John Connor just needed a hit to get him to home. He was using his old bat. Hayden was pitching like a machine. They were fast! It was 2 balls 2 strikes. You have to swing if you get anything. He did. It was solid and went straight over the first baseman's head out to the fence! He was running so fast and we were all screaming! He was going for it. He ran around 3rd without even checking up!! He slid right into home plate and we were on our feet, throwing high 5's all around!! The umpire looked to the crowd and yelled, "Game over!". I had to control the tears. My heart was so full.

I'm so proud of him. He was so proud. Even Emma was proud! She wanted her picture made with him. LOVE these moments. So worth documenting. I think I'm still floating!

Birmingham Home and Garden Show

Oh man, that was a long week! I can't believe how hard it was to have a booth at the show. We started set-up on Tuesday. I was at the BJCC on Tuesday morning helping the guys lay the floor, decide where to put the doors and carpenter's bench. On Tuesday evening, back to the BJCC to meet Garlan and Michael to go over a few changes and where we wanted to add flowers. We are in the middle of the Gardens of the show, so bear in mind, we aren't going to win the flower category! I was up until midnight with Lori and Ashlee working on the brochure.....we still had a typo! oopsie, maybe because we were up so late? I'm sure our eyes were crossing! We did copy it from the website, but we should have read through that!

We had a few minor issues when setting up. Thankfully, Adam knows how to use a drill, saw and nail gun! I need a clone of him in my back pocket!

I think we have an amazing booth. I'm a little worried about being an architectural salvage company and being in the middle of the Gardens. The event planner assures me that she would not PAY to move! Ok, here we go. Wednesday we added the rest of the banners and all of the little things. Carpenter's pencils and small blocks of reclaimed wood with a Southern Accents logo stamped on them were giveaways.

A few of us "in" the booth. That's Daphney from Thursday, Garlan and I were there Saturday and Sunday and Michael stopped by on Saturday to check out how his flowers looked in the booth!
I was thankful to not have to work on the booth this night. Emma was trying out for cheerleader on Friday and I wanted to see her practice. I needed to feel good about her being ready! Of course, she was! She's a pro ;)! The show started at 11:00am on Thursday. Mike met me at our booth with the brochures. Garlan brought in a few things we needed at the last minute and the show got started!!

We were full force all day Thursday. There were lots of people waiting to get in before the doors open. I had so much fun meeting each person and telling them about Southern Accents. Thursday was Valentine's Day. I had no food and nothing to drink all day! Someone could've brought me dinner, don't you think? Daphney brought me lunch and I ate half of my chicken salad sandwich at 9:30 in bed that night! I was worn out and thankful I didn't have to work on Friday.

I did meet Heather and Mandy at the show Friday morning. They were running a little behind. I didn't mind hanging out at the booth for them. I ended up staying until around 1:00. Cheer tryouts were after school and I had to be there for Emma! She went through around 5:30 and said she did everything perfectly! I am always so proud of her. She works hard at cheer and tumbling and it pays off! After she finished, I took her to Taziki's, one of her favorite places to eat. While we were sitting there the results were in! SHE MADE IT!! We were thrilled! Being in Middle School has lots of lessons. This year a good friend that was on the squad last year didn't make it again. Emma was very upset and not sure how to handle it. I talked her into texting her on Sunday. I think it was good for both of them.

Saturday and Sunday are a complete blur. I was at the show at 10:00am on Saturday and barely remember being home until Sunday night! I do think the show was very successful. We got several leads and lots of email addresses! I think they are doing the Hunstville Home and Garden show......not sure if I'm going to make that one! I will have to wait a few days to decide!

 I was so glad to do this project. It was fun designing the booth and banners. I think it turned out gorgeous. We had lots of compliments and lots of interest in the store. I had a blast meeting so many people and giving them a better understanding of the company.

Just a few more photos from our booth. It should've won an award! We were on Fox6 the morning of the show. One of the news anchors broadcast live right in front of it!

All of this could not have happened without months of work! I know the store was pretty much shut down for a week working on the floor and the blocks of wood. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making it perfect! It was all worth it, don't you think?

Lucy Lockets Re-stocking Event!

I've been making a few necklaces! I always get compliments on my Lucy Locket's. I was at Anthropologie today at a Holiday Workshop. I was a little disappointed when I realized I was working on their holiday display and not going to be taking something home. 2 hours later......ha! It was fun! I did learn how to make a cute garland, a polar bear and some add-ons for gifts! I took several photos and lots of notes. I hope to get a DIY tutorial up soon! Bug me about it if it doesn't happen! ;)

As I was sitting there hot-gluing and burning my fingers and asking a million questions, the girls noticed my necklace. They wanted to know what it was. A hinge. Where did I get it? I made it. Wow, they loved it! I told them about my scavenger hunt of finding cool pieces all over the place...yes, on the ground and in the dirt! This one is a favorite. It's the color and the rust and I think the simplicity that makes it special. It's not for sale. It's my private collection! #hathatsoundsofficial

What did happen was I got home and pulled out the little zip lock bags I had packed last week and started making Lucy Lockets! I made 5! I was making a 6th one and couldn't get it to look good. Decided it was time to walk away! This making little bags of parts is working for me! I have a spot at Greystone Antiques and am going to drop these and a few others I already had made up off tomorrow. If you are over that way, stop in and check them out! They are in a closed case by the front. Should be pretty easy to find!

I also LOVE to make necklaces for people. I have a customer coming by next week to make one (or two) because her husband gave her a gift card! It's a great gift for you or someone on your list! I would love for you to bring any trinkets or charms you may have that mean something to you. I have customers that have used skeleton keys from their grandparents house or brooches that belonged to a special loved one. We can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want!

Take a look at the Etsy shop for some ideas. I also have several jewelry organizers there. This is something I love doing! I find lots of architectural pieces and we can make something that would work for your jewels!

My daughter turned 13 yesterday. She is becoming a beautiful young lady. I'm so proud of her!
This photo was taken by Beth Bryan

 She's second from the left

Stripping is Hard Work!

This week is crazy busy. Oh wait, that was last week and the week before.....you know the drill.

I worked with Dawn at the farm today in her cute, red, horse barn. We were stripping furniture. Um..not fun. The end result will be fantastic. Today's work, terrible!

 We also picked up a beautiful butcher block from France circa 1830. It is gorgeous! Not sure why I didn't get a pic of it. I will next week! I pulled out my new camera and was taking a few photos and realized Dawn is, like a professional photographer. She was all you need to put your fstop at blah and your shutter speed at blah. What's your ISO set on? Let me see it....yeah, whatever. Maybe I will learn a thing or two from her! I did take a few pics and then left my new camera on the chicken's window. I hope they took a few of themselves! They are a fuzzy group! I will have to share that tomorrow. I'm meeting her in the morning to get it and heading to the creek to get some updates on the Creek Party!

 Let's talk about Saturday. Emma and I got up at 6am to go to her gymnastics clinic in Huntsville. Talk about a long day!

I dropped her off and went to see a good friend from High School who tears down barns he sees along the side of the road.....seriously.......like, pulls up and asks if he can tear it down and haul it off. They say yes, he works for a couple of days. I reap the benefits! You can too! He has several beams  that would be amazing mantels!!

 I also have several ideas for these shorter pieces. Think bench, coffee table, side table. I just took pictures of what he had and if you need something or when I decide what I need, he will measure and find the perfect one!

This one will go to the Creek Party! house. I'm getting it from Southern Accents. It's like 6 sided! Very different and cool! We only need it to be 9'10". It will have to be cut. I guess we will just cut from both ends. That way we can save most of the character!

Let me know if you need rustic, salvaged pieces. I love helping everyone find the right piece for their space!! Helped a friend find a corbel today. I know it will be perfect. Just have to get a few closeups to show her tomorrow! My brain is full of inspiration all the time. I love that now I have Pinterest so that I can keep it organized. I swear I pulled up 10 ideas today to show Dawn and it was so easy because I had them all pinned to the perfect board!!

Words of Wisdom and Burlap Pillows

This July Emma and I went to America's Mart Atlanta for Gift Market. We stopped by Scott's Antiques Markets first. We found so many things we wanted! I think we filled the car and could barely fit another piece in!! Then we went to the Atlanta Mart! Oopsie, it's a good thing most of the showrooms ship!!

One of my favorite showrooms to stop in is Sugarboo Designs. You can read some of Rebecca's story on her website. Each piece is handmade.

We knew at this point we would be in our little Hansel and Gretel House. I was working hard at convincing her it was going to be a great place to live! She was undecided on which room she wanted. We all know....there was no decision! She was meant to have the built in bed! So, I let her pick out a pillow and a metal sign. These are what she picked!

It makes me happy that this is what she wanted in her room!

How could you NOT want this in your home? It's so me. I fall in love with everything and I fall hard! You will hear me say very often, "This is my favorite thing, EVER!!" Seriously, I say it about a lot!
Dandelions are kinda my favorite thing (EVER). Ha, told ya! I do love them and I had to have this pillow. I am a dreamer! 

I loved these metal signs. They are the stencil for the designs. I love this one for our new home!

This is one of my favorite quotes....ever....(oh, there I go again!) It means so much to me.

When you have a minute or an hour, go to their website and read through the quotes on photoboxes. These is probably the most popular item. I want them all over my house. It's one of my favorite places to buy gifts!

Instagram Photo Challenge

I'm working on Fatmumslim's Photo a day challenge on Instagram. If you aren't familiar with Instagram, it's an app you can get on your phone. It adds effects to those photos. It's gaining in popularity daily. Many compare it to Twitter because it's like telling people what you are doing at that moment.....just in pictures and not just 140 characters. Lots of businesses have started using Instagram. We all love photos and there isn't a better way to share!

It's by far my favorite social media outlet right now. I love to see small details of my kids, friends and cool photographers. I think it keeps me thinking creatively when taking pictures. I love to get involved in challenges like #fmsphotoaday. See that? That's a hashtag. Chantelle has created this hashtag so that everyone involved in the challenge can tag their photos and we can all enjoy them. If I'm struggling with the days prompt, I will search that hashtag and am always inspired to create my photo for the challenge.

If you have a twitter account you should consider making your instagram name the same. That way others can tag you and it will show up in your twitter feed, as well as your notifications on instagram. Mine is lucysinspired.  I guess it's obvious that I use that name everywhere! I tried to think of a clever name for my blog/twitter/instagram, etc. I finally decided why change? Use what you have. All of it, everything I post is about what inspires me.

I always take the photo with the camera and then open it in the instagram app. That way, I'm not pressured into deciding what effect I want to use. I can also take pictures throughout the day and then pick which ones I want to upload to instagram.

Of course, you can start anytime! Just pick up on the 15th. Or you can go back to the beginning and start there. It's a fun challenge. You just take pictures and can be as creative as you like! 
Here is the day by day for October:

If you are on Instagram, look me up @lucysinspired. 
Emma and John Connor have Instagram accounts and a very fun photo feed. John Connor's silliness @thespazz_jc and
 Emma's creativity @emmafarmerrr

The Creek Party is in Full Swing!

This place is rocking and rolling! Connor and I went to meet several of the contractors yesterday. I was bombarded with questions! Where do you want the vents, where do you want the lights, do you like where the recessed lighting is placed, how tall are the baseboards, where is the front door.....OH MY WORD! I had forgotten how much goes into building a house! We hired my brother, Charlie, to be in charge. That makes it easier. Especially, since there is NO signal out there! You can't talk on the phone and texts go through sporadically. Right now, that is a royal pain. Once we are there for pleasure, it will be so wonderful!

It turned out to be a long afternoon. I was meeting the guys that were delivering the salvaged lumber for the walls and ceiling and their radiator hose busted. We were less than half a mile from the interstate and had to pull over. (I was showing them the way(there are a lot of turns)). I drove to the store and got water. When I got back they had taken the hose off and realized they needed a new one! We were in luck, there was an Advanced Auto Parts store by the interstate. Shane hopped in with me and off we went. The bad news is, they didn't have the right one. We would have to drive to Fairfield to get it. Ok, that's 20 minutes away. Finally, we picked up the right one! Did I mention they are in a Dooley truck and a 30 foot trailer on the back? It's not an easy thing to maneuver. We got back and they fixed it right up! They could only drive about 30 miles per hour and they were following me. It was hard for me to go that slow! We finally made it out to the creek. They thought we had taken a wrong turn. I took them out to the woods and frankly, I think they were a little scared! 
It was the longest day!!!

I had to leave as soon as we got there. Emma was captain at the game and I couldn't miss it!! 
She was calling a cheer! I was so proud of her. She did a great job!

Socially Acceptable

Jumping on the bandwagon. It's fun at first. I'm always a bandwagon NFL fan. I love the winning team. That one and which ever one Tom Brady is on. He's so cute, right? Mark Sanchez is easy on the eyes, too. That's not what this post is about..how did I get there? I'm about to be 40...Is it the cougar coming out of me? please laugh here....

So, jumping on the bandwagon. 3 years ago, I was trying not to get on the Facebook bandwagon. Seriously, I was on Twitter before that and I didn't even know what it was!! I thought Facebook was that silly place that my little sister would go to check up on her ex-boyfriend. (sorry N, if you are reading this! xo) Really, it was just something the college kids were doing. I had a few friends jumping on and they were having a little fun with it. Talking to high school friends...really? did I want to go there? Don't get me wrong, I love my high school and the friends from there, but all the drama that was from high school. I guess I expected it to be on Facebook!! Well, I was right about that part.....and not the high school friends!!

It is my life now. I am on Facebook for hours a day. I don't play games, I don't stalk people (wink) and I don't update my status every 5 seconds. If I have to pee, you don't have to know it. It's my network. It's how I find out who won the game, that a tornado touched down, that LSU 's busses can't leave the hotel because someone painted a 50 yard line in front of it! That's hilarious, you have to admit! I also make new friends and find old ones. I find people that live within 10 miles of me that I have SO much in common with. We pull together and do things to help each other. It's how I keep up with EVERYONE! If someone has a baby, I check Facebook to find out when. It's life events, the world around us and right next door. Someone will say, "I don't have time for it.". Ok, neither do I. I make time for it. I want to know how my friends are and seriously, there is a contest, I can win a new pair of jeans!! I did! On FACEBOOK! I got them and yes, they fit PERFECTLY! It's like the yellow pages with a friends recommendation. You need something? Ask for it on Facebook. You will find it!

I do a lot more with this social network, too. I help businesses find more customers. over 800 million people are on Facebook all over the world. It's the best marketing tool you can have. You have to utilize it in a way that benefits your business. There are no HARD-CORE numbers that prove the ROI, but when someone walks in your store almost every day and says, "you have a great Facebook page", it makes sense. You may even be lucky to have someone make a purchase and say, "The only reason I even came here was from your Facebook page." They probably won't, but you can't NOT be on there!

There are other social platforms out there. They may not all work for you. I love Pinterest and blogging. They fit with most of my clients. I am still learning everyday. I did get a likeable book today. It's all about social media and how it works. Not sure why I need that, but I'm sure I will get something out of it. If I do, I will share it with you. It is the reason I decided to write this post! 

BTW, I am still trying to take a photo a day. I've missed a few. I decided not to post here because after the 2nd day someone unsubscribed. It hurt my feelings and I stopped doing something for them. I guess that was the wrong decision. Maybe I will bring it back...or you can just keep up on my Facebook page!

One more thing.....Roll Tide! Congrats on the National Championship!
Pre-game with John Connor
 Post game with Emma!

Write it down, Journal, a Diary, a calendar, life day to day

There are so many ways to look at it. You can make an effort to write down your life in a journal or on a blog. Some might just keep a calendar...mine was called a Diary the other day. I laughed out loud when he asked if it was my Diary. My first thought was, NO! Then it occurred to me....why, yes, this is  my diary. I do not write down all of my hopes and fears in it...only some of them! I do write down what we are doing on what day and make future plans inside this little zebra-striped book.

It's almost full and I can't wait to get another one! (The Spotted Zebra) So, I find that it's hard for me to record what actually happens. There are several things in this calendar that I wanted to do, but failed to make happen. Either because something else came up or my over achieving brain planned too many things in one day.

I do want to start writing things down that DO happen. I want to write down how I feel about something or someone...my kids and husband. This has been coming up a lot lately. My step-mom's Mother passed away a month ago and she kept a journal. Not an ongoing, everyday, but....toward the end. She wrote letters to people. No one knew she was doing this and after she passed away, they were found. Can you imagine? Losing someone that means so much to you and then finding a letter they had written you. It is one of the most treasured pieces of writing you will ever have the opportunity to read. Debbie, aka Nanny (my step-mom) and I were talking about all of this one night, in the rain, at John Connor's football game. Her pain and sadness is still so fresh for her and I know she wants to talk about it and at the same time, not ever talk about it. I was really glad she shared it with me. I'm a sentimental gal and love to remember things or find out things that happened to people that I love. History.

OH....that just slaps me in the face. I am doing a Bible Study at church and it's called His-story/your story. It's about how God's story fits into your story and that it's all history...your story, too. How your story and His story shaped your life. got it?

So, I'm doing so many things that involve story-telling right now. A potential client is all about the story, I compile stories with scrapbooking and now, Connor's grandmother, Momba, is not doing her best. We had a family get-together for her and Papa's anniversary on Saturday. We set up a TV in the garage, watched football, the kids played, we visited and stayed until late that night. It was a wonderful day and one that we will treasure. I overheard Momba say she wants to do it every 3 months......it used to be once a month. Never happened...too busy, too  many activities!! All day, Momba carried around a book and pen. She was writing whatever came to her mind about each person in the family. As she would see them, she would write. She wanted to hug us all extra long that day and tell us something she wanted us to remember....her story.

I want to encourage everyone to write it down. Blog, Facebook, calendar or just writing a note to each special person on their birthday is sufficient. I know those letters Debbie has from her Mom are dear to her, but wouldn't it have been great for her to have her own letters from each family member that told just what she meant to them? My Mom's birthday was Saturday..I better get on that! My brother's is this month and my Dad's. Three days after his is my Emma's. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sure there will be tears involved....it's hard for me not to shed one or two anyway!

I would love to know if you already do this....or if you have another way of telling your story. You may remember a little scrapbooking event I was involved in about telling your story.....THAT is a story all in itself with lots of lessons learned! ha

ETA: just found this on Pinterest and then to this blog......YES! What a fantastic idea! 

It's hard to post when it's not perfect.

Do you feel that way? I need to change the picture on the top of my blog. That's why I haven't blogged this year. It's only been 4 days, but hey, it's 4 days of 2011 that I haven't shared anything with you!! So, instead of worrying about what my header looks like, I decided to post something. Even if it's nonsense!

This was our Holiday photo card for 2010. I had a sweet little pic of my littles faces on the back. Ashley Warren took this photo at a fabulous warehouse downtown. I loved so many of the pictures. I think I will have to buy a photo book of about 20 of them!!
My 2011 OLW is Commit. I already feel like I've not committed to certain things. I haven't committed to blogging for one. I was a little worried about my workout routine, but I've got that under control...whew! I am going to commit to my tennis game. I have been stuck at the same level since my second year of playing. I think it's been 5 years now! That's too long to be a 3.0. I thought I was going to get bumped up to a 3.5 level this year. Didn't happen. Probably because I was waiting on it, instead of committing to it!! I totally want a pair of those Nike ID shoes that say COMMIT on the back of them. You know, like Melanie Oudin? She is the cutest USA tennis player!

side note: do you LOVE the "Roll Tide" commercial? It's totally an ESPN commercial and I'm watching football right now. Even if I weren't an Alabama fan, I think I would LOVE it! I never say "roll tide" unless I'm at a football game and they make a first down. I do love to hear it and love the tradition of it all!

Ok, back to commit. Maybe I should commit to saying Roll Tide more often? haha! not going to happen..... A couple of other things I need to commit to are my kids. Just little things like, homework with John Connor. He hates it and I need to commit to figuring out how to make it better for him. I need to commit to be a good role model for Emma....she watches EVERY single move I make! She wants new jeans....just like mine. She said mine aren't baggy like hers.....uh, hey cute, little, skinny girl! that's because I could stand to lose a few...or buy a bigger size! ugh You get it, just make sure I am the person I want her to be.....

While I'm at it, I will commit to a few things that are so easy. I commit to eating chocolate as often as I can! I commit to going to the beach at least once a month and more during warmer months! I commit to having fun!