August in Instagram

Summer is over. It doesn't feel like it really began. Too much work, too much rain. Next summer will be better! Let's get ready for Fall! Heading out to a college football game tomorrow. Very fitting, don't you think?

August had us making videos for last days of summer, going to church, Haven in Atlanta, the beach, the beach! Exploring old buildings in downtown Birmingham, teaching cheerleaders, research for The Chapel Market, loving scenes from Hansel and Gretel, decorating for Christmas and friends bringing back prizes from New Orleans! Planning a new house!  It was a fun month!

Back To School - August 19

First day back. Summer is over. I have a 13 year old 8th grader and an 11 year old 6th grader. Been a few years since they were in the same school. Same carpool line. Emma is very excited about her little brother being at school with her. He's pretty excited to be there, too!

NOTE: He just walked in my room with his new Alabama dry fit shirt, Alabama basketball shorts and new under shorts. He can't wear ANY of that to school tomorrow!

Dress code is a lot more strict at the middle school. They have to wear a belt every single day. He has worn a belt or pants that need a belt a total of 8 times in his life. He'll be fine, but it's going to be a big adjustment! Emma will wear her cheer uniform tomorrow. She has to be there at 7:15 am to get ready for the pep rally. She always looks so cute and I'm so proud of her! It's going to be early.....for sure. They will be excited, though. It's Tuesday I'm worried about! Hopefully, they can get in bed early on Monday night.

Emma just walked in for me to help her iron her shirt. While we are waiting on the iron to heat up she says we have to leave at 7:05 in the morning. Then she asks if I will drop her off first or John Connor. Ummmmmmmmm.......You go to the SAME SCHOOL! She was like. oh. yeah. I guess we can leave at 7:10. (giggle)

And now on to memory many pictures to choose from. Be still my heart!

5 year old birthday party. Cheer theme. We had Hoover cheerleaders there for inspiration. I have a feeling Emma may be doing that for a couple of little friends soon! 

Here she is helping the 2nd graders with their dance before the season starts!


 First day of Kindergarten.....seriously? Oh my heart!


 He couldn't wait to ride the bus. He'd been watching Emma go for 3 years. It was finally his turn!

Will go for either of these next two shots in the morning. I have a feeling we will be running late and no one will pose for pictures!

Birmingham Home and Garden Show

Oh man, that was a long week! I can't believe how hard it was to have a booth at the show. We started set-up on Tuesday. I was at the BJCC on Tuesday morning helping the guys lay the floor, decide where to put the doors and carpenter's bench. On Tuesday evening, back to the BJCC to meet Garlan and Michael to go over a few changes and where we wanted to add flowers. We are in the middle of the Gardens of the show, so bear in mind, we aren't going to win the flower category! I was up until midnight with Lori and Ashlee working on the brochure.....we still had a typo! oopsie, maybe because we were up so late? I'm sure our eyes were crossing! We did copy it from the website, but we should have read through that!

We had a few minor issues when setting up. Thankfully, Adam knows how to use a drill, saw and nail gun! I need a clone of him in my back pocket!

I think we have an amazing booth. I'm a little worried about being an architectural salvage company and being in the middle of the Gardens. The event planner assures me that she would not PAY to move! Ok, here we go. Wednesday we added the rest of the banners and all of the little things. Carpenter's pencils and small blocks of reclaimed wood with a Southern Accents logo stamped on them were giveaways.

A few of us "in" the booth. That's Daphney from Thursday, Garlan and I were there Saturday and Sunday and Michael stopped by on Saturday to check out how his flowers looked in the booth!
I was thankful to not have to work on the booth this night. Emma was trying out for cheerleader on Friday and I wanted to see her practice. I needed to feel good about her being ready! Of course, she was! She's a pro ;)! The show started at 11:00am on Thursday. Mike met me at our booth with the brochures. Garlan brought in a few things we needed at the last minute and the show got started!!

We were full force all day Thursday. There were lots of people waiting to get in before the doors open. I had so much fun meeting each person and telling them about Southern Accents. Thursday was Valentine's Day. I had no food and nothing to drink all day! Someone could've brought me dinner, don't you think? Daphney brought me lunch and I ate half of my chicken salad sandwich at 9:30 in bed that night! I was worn out and thankful I didn't have to work on Friday.

I did meet Heather and Mandy at the show Friday morning. They were running a little behind. I didn't mind hanging out at the booth for them. I ended up staying until around 1:00. Cheer tryouts were after school and I had to be there for Emma! She went through around 5:30 and said she did everything perfectly! I am always so proud of her. She works hard at cheer and tumbling and it pays off! After she finished, I took her to Taziki's, one of her favorite places to eat. While we were sitting there the results were in! SHE MADE IT!! We were thrilled! Being in Middle School has lots of lessons. This year a good friend that was on the squad last year didn't make it again. Emma was very upset and not sure how to handle it. I talked her into texting her on Sunday. I think it was good for both of them.

Saturday and Sunday are a complete blur. I was at the show at 10:00am on Saturday and barely remember being home until Sunday night! I do think the show was very successful. We got several leads and lots of email addresses! I think they are doing the Hunstville Home and Garden show......not sure if I'm going to make that one! I will have to wait a few days to decide!

 I was so glad to do this project. It was fun designing the booth and banners. I think it turned out gorgeous. We had lots of compliments and lots of interest in the store. I had a blast meeting so many people and giving them a better understanding of the company.

Just a few more photos from our booth. It should've won an award! We were on Fox6 the morning of the show. One of the news anchors broadcast live right in front of it!

All of this could not have happened without months of work! I know the store was pretty much shut down for a week working on the floor and the blocks of wood. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making it perfect! It was all worth it, don't you think?

The Creek Party is in Full Swing!

This place is rocking and rolling! Connor and I went to meet several of the contractors yesterday. I was bombarded with questions! Where do you want the vents, where do you want the lights, do you like where the recessed lighting is placed, how tall are the baseboards, where is the front door.....OH MY WORD! I had forgotten how much goes into building a house! We hired my brother, Charlie, to be in charge. That makes it easier. Especially, since there is NO signal out there! You can't talk on the phone and texts go through sporadically. Right now, that is a royal pain. Once we are there for pleasure, it will be so wonderful!

It turned out to be a long afternoon. I was meeting the guys that were delivering the salvaged lumber for the walls and ceiling and their radiator hose busted. We were less than half a mile from the interstate and had to pull over. (I was showing them the way(there are a lot of turns)). I drove to the store and got water. When I got back they had taken the hose off and realized they needed a new one! We were in luck, there was an Advanced Auto Parts store by the interstate. Shane hopped in with me and off we went. The bad news is, they didn't have the right one. We would have to drive to Fairfield to get it. Ok, that's 20 minutes away. Finally, we picked up the right one! Did I mention they are in a Dooley truck and a 30 foot trailer on the back? It's not an easy thing to maneuver. We got back and they fixed it right up! They could only drive about 30 miles per hour and they were following me. It was hard for me to go that slow! We finally made it out to the creek. They thought we had taken a wrong turn. I took them out to the woods and frankly, I think they were a little scared! 
It was the longest day!!!

I had to leave as soon as we got there. Emma was captain at the game and I couldn't miss it!! 
She was calling a cheer! I was so proud of her. She did a great job!