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I have done so many fun projects with architectural salvage. It's crazy to me that I haven't done a post on each and every one! I guess I can do a quick roundup. I have built 7 houses, renovated 1 and am in the process of renovating the second, oh and building another! It's a hobby and a business. My husband is the best land/lot finder in the state of Alabama. So, if you are in the market to build a house, he can find you a piece of property that will knock your socks off! Or you can just let us find it, build a house on it and then you can buy it from us!

Our first home was built in 3 months. Basic floor plan and not many extras. High gloss trim, maple cabinets and oak flooring. Don't get me wrong, it was great. We even had a bay window in the kitchen that overlooked the woods and it was perfect! Emma was born there and when she turned about 3 months old, we moved into our second home. The lot was bigger, the house was bigger and I got crazy with the paint colors. This was a big open floor plan, but again, not a lot of extras. John Connor was born here and a few weeks later, we moved into our third home. We had built-ins in the living room, slate in the kitchen, we even added on a bonus room so there was a cool, brick wall! All of these houses were build as quick as possible, live there a few years and find the next "best lot ever". The fourth house. Oh, that fourth house. I still think about the pool and the tennis court. You can see a little of the front of the house here

But, it was the antique bricks from Chicago, the beams that were milled into 5-6" wide heart pine flooring and the trough from France in the powder room that make me miss it. 
This trough was from France. We had a metal base built as a stand. 
As you walk in the front door, you see one of the beams that the we used to mill the floors. This one had a lot more paint on it and they talked me into sanding most of it off. I learned early on to go with my gut on things I like. The contractor for this new house will probably hate me. (wink) Those are the bricks from Chicago. You also see one of my favorite things to collect, foundry patterns. 

Walking into the living room, you will see a wall of doors that open onto the back of the house, but turn around and you will see the other side of that brick wall and John Connor's first deer hanging above the mantel. The ceiling was clad with hickory planks. You can see a smidgen of walnut trim that we used on both sides of this room. It was from a house built in the late 1800's. The mantel was a piece left over and you can see the gorgeous detail that goes all the way across. You can see a few more pics here.

Moving into the kitchen, we pulled out all the stops. The cabinets were custom built from hickory and we used a red stain for the top cabinets. I love the lead glass across the top, too. The bricks were split to create a veneer for the backsplash. You can see a small piece of red granite that was amazing. It is surrounded by terra cotta tiles that were in boxes in the bottom of a church basement that was being cleaned out. (jackpot!) We used the same hickory for the bottom cabinets, but used the bead board side for the doors and just a clear coat to enhance the wood. Our kitchen table was a piece of granite attached to the island. Lots of homework and creating happened at this table!

 The keeping room, where we lived ALL the time holds lots of memories. We sat in front of many a fire in this stone fireplace with that old beam as the mantel.

Ahh, the back of the house. We lived out here. The doors you see open up folding to one end. My kids were always in the pool and that swing? My husbands grandfather, Papa, built it for us! This is the best place in the whole house!! There is antique brick framing the arches and I can't tell you how many times we refinished that floor. It was not wood that should be outside!!!

 My bathroom. Oh, this place was a close second to favorite places in this house! That copper tub? Yes, please. I could sit there and read a book forever! The best thing about this tub is the water NEVER got cold! We used the hickory for the cabinets and the bead board on the ceiling. I love that crown molding, too. This color is a lot brighter in this picture than it was IRL.

 These pictures were from Instagram, so I apologize for the grain and the words! Our bedroom was 4 steps higher than the main floor of the house. I took this picture in the "sitting area" of the room that was level with the rest of the house. The banisters were literally found on the side of the road. Metal and the perfect patina. I had the railings made at a local ironworks shop.

John Connor's room was so fun!! We pulled out all the stops in here. The tin was from an old barn that was torn down from our camp house. We designed it around the size of this hand turned bed. 

I will have to dig up more pictures from the rest of the house. It was a lot of fun to build and I'm really looking forward to working on MoonGlow!


 It's official (pretty much), we are moving. We got a contract on our house at the end of May and should be out of here in a couple of weeks. It is such a process! We've found a new house, I call it Hansel and Gretel's house. It's a cute cottage in the woods with tons of gingerbread trim. It just needs a little candy!
I'm sad to leave here. It was my dream house! I now know that I will probably have lots of dream houses in my lifetime! I fall in love very easily. Right now, there are about 3 different options on where we will settle for more than a year. I just wonder if we will ever settle for more than a few years at a time! We lived in this one for over seven. Lots of memories and lots of stuff have been accumulated! The stuff I'm trying to purge and the memories I'm trying to savor and lock away forever! 
We lived in this one for over seven. Lots of memories and lots of stuff have been accumulated! The stuff I'm trying to purge and the memories I'm trying to savor and lock away forever!  

I finally got one!!

I was so excited when I heard Southern Accents Architectural Antiques got in some new industrial carts. I have been wanting one forever!! 

Here's the story behind the carts, because that's my most favorite part!! I love knowing what the piece was used for. The provenance makes it worth so much more to me:
These dock carts are made of white oak with heavy duty perforated cast iron truck or cart wheels. The factory floor transfer carts or trucks were used in material handling throughout the factory and/or near loading docks. Manufactured by Wilkesboro Lineberry, Inc., SC. The surface areas contain a great distressed and aged patina from years of heavy use or can be sandblasted and oiled to customer specs. These carts can come stationary or free moving. 

I just took mine right out of the gym. It was covered in glue and dust and dirt. I brought it home and got out my handy-dandy-sanding-mouse-thingy......awesome tool.....and sanded it down a bit. I didn't want to sand the patina out of it. 

 I love how it turned out! It's very rustic and I didn't want a lot of chotzky's on it. John Connor will use it for his chair when he's playing xbox 360. This could be dangerous with a lot of stuff on top! Mine is not stationary, so, it may become an amusement park ride.....let's cross our fingers that I do NOT catch them pushing each other around on it!!! 

Please notice the deer mounted on my fireplace....yes, that is John Connor's first deer! I had to hang it in my house. I am so thankful that there is no fur on it. I think it would have only made it to the playroom if it looked like a real Bambi! I do love how it turned out mounted on the brick wall. 

side view....this thing will turn in a complete circle!  

This one had a little green on the top and the wheels. I wonder what was hauled around on it...