Lucy Lockets by Lucysinspired

I have been a busy bee! I took a little trip to Seaside a few weeks ago and stopped in to the warehouse at Southern Fashion House. I talked with Amy and Laura a month ago and wanted to get some of my Lucy Lockets in DeJaVu in Seaside. They had a few right before the holidays and did well with them. I set up an appointment and took around 100 pieces with me.

I threw everything on the table and they started picking out personal pieces immediately! Now, that felt good! I love when someone wants to wear a piece themselves! That has to be the best affirmation. Once they had their own stash tucked away, they picked pieces for the store. It was such a joy meeting everyone that works there and getting their feedback on different styles. Of course, the prism necklaces are the most popular. I think they picked up 17 prisms on leather and took every prism on a chunky chain that I had. There's some talk about a housewife from Beverly Hills that wears one? It's not mine, but apparently, it's very similar!!

The workshop has been busy and thankfully, I have had several locket elves helping me out in the last few weeks! I thought I would share a few pieces of the collection I've sent to Tuscumbia and Fairhope this week!

Leather cuffs have been so much fun to make. I added them into the line last summer. So many options and all are one of a kind!

This escutcheon is a gorgeous brass. I added a key, as always and loved adding these two links from a vintage lighting chain. 

I really can't believe I let this one go. I LOVE it so much!! That piece that looks like a fleur de lis is a great color and makes this one look full of treasures!

 This spring heart will be great for St. Patrick's Day!

Another group of leather cuffs. That giant disc in the middle? #swoon