Covering Walls with Paper

I know wallpaper has been making it's way back for the last year or so. I love it. I can remember helping my Mom hang wallpaper at our house when I was younger. It was not easy! Then trying to remove it out of our first home! We don't have fond memories of hanging or tearing down wallpaper.
It's everywhere now!! Very glam and in small spots, wallpaper can be an easy update! I don't have plans for wallpaper for moon glow, but I'm sure it will show up in a closet, on a ceiling or in a powder room!!

One thing I found at market that I can't quit thinking about is 8x10 pieces of paper that could be used as a wall covering. It had the perfect vintage look and even had texture, like old, european texture. I wanted to try a piece of it, you know, bring it home and play. I'm buddies with the VP of Sales for the company and he said, "NO WAY!!".  Apparently, the cost is pretty substantial. I may call him and see how much they ended up selling, maybe he needs me to sample it and show how fab it could be somewhere in my world!

Thinking about it tonight, it reminds me a little of the booth I created for the Sloss Holiday Shop in December. I had a Lucy Lockets booth for the Friday night and Saturday show. I was looking forward to hanging out with my buddies from Digs Design. We kinda hung out a lot in the local shows for the season!

My brother helped me build these walls and Ashlee helped me cover them in old books, sheet music and an old wallpaper sample book I found at a house that was being torn down! OH MY GOODNESS, this little book was from the 30's and the wallpaper was priced between 12 and 18 cents a roll! I loved how on the back of each sample, the company would tell you the perfect use for the particular pattern or color.

The frames I have hanging are just for looks, they weren't for sale, but they were salvaged wood that was pulled from the home with the wallpaper still attached. I had it made into frames and I LOVE them! There's a floral pattern and looks like kraft paper with the simple flower design repeating.

These are a few pictures of the whole booth. It was a cold and rainy weekend, my booth fell over, but as usual, I had a blast!

What do you think? Have you been too scarred by wallpaper? If you have used it in your home, I would love to see pictures!