Always Have a Party Favor

I remember going to a birthday party in elementary school and receiving a party favor for the first time.

It was Jolie's party. The little bag was darling, you know, the plastic kind with a pretty design like balloons or candy or a clown on the outside? We were given the gift as we left the party. I vividly remember climbing into the backseat of the car and couldn't wait to see what was inside. I opened the bag and it overflowed with gum, candy, jacks, bouncy balls, so many tiny, wonderful toys and kindnesses. Someone was giving ME a gift?  I will never forget that. Since then, my favorite thing about planning a party is the party favor.  My children have had "themed" birthday parties. You know the ones, the cake matches the invitation, there were treasure maps and trunks full of gold, bags filled with beads and gems and gold coins. Everything matched..right down to the what we wear!

 Now, I have the joy of designing jewelry. In my Lucy Lockets jewelry line, I have a prism that hangs on a leather string. It's not fancy and can be worn with anything, seriously…..anything. A t-shirt and shorts or your favorite little black dress, from a picnic to the prom. Wear it anywhere. I was invited to a Blogging Get Away Weekend on Tybee Island hosted by Mermaid Cottages and Mary Kay Andrews. I had to take everyone SOMETHING! There were care packages for all of us and I just slipped my little stamped burlap bag in for each and every attendee with a prism necklace. They loved them!

I found everyone wearing them at different times and to different venues. On Saturday, we made our way to Savannah to shop and visit historic homes around the city. My absolute favorite was Alex Raskin Antiques on Bull Street and West Gordon Street. The home was built in 1867 and I couldn't get enough of the chipping plaster and wallpaper and imagining the stories those walls could tell. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted and asked if we were with the blogging group. This wasn't on our planned tour and we were taken aback that he would ask two random girls that question. Did we stand out that much with our cameras in hand? He recognized the necklace!!  Someone had been in with one on earlier. He knew we were together because I had given everyone a party favor. I was thrilled with that little bit of branding I had accomplished in this intriguing town of Savannah! So, if you see someone walking around with a prism necklace around their neck, ask them if it's a lucy locket and if they are a blogger. There are a few…..

all over the United States!

If you are interested in browsing my jewelry or know of a store that might be interested in carrying Lucy Lockets, let me know! My etsy shop is called Lucysinspired.