One Little Word for 2014 - Mindful

Resolutions, Goals, Intentions, One Little Word

Some call them different things, in the end, they are all the same. Resolutions can be broken, goals not reached, intentions forgotten, that one little word lost in the shuffle. 

I think I will put down on paper all of them. Just set myself up with things I know I need to do and hope that I can follow through!! 

My word for 2014 is Mindful. It came to me in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. I do so much and I want to be mindful in each moment. Sometimes, I can't remember the moments because I've already moved on to the next thing. I want to slow down enough to be thoughtful about what I'm doing. 

Living our lives to better ourselves and those around us. Become a better you and reflect that light on others. It will shine from you and reflect on those around you.  We can make the world a better place. Believe it can be done and it will be. Here's to 2014. My 42 year on this earth, the 18th year of my marriage, 14th year with my daughter and 12th year with my son. I can't wait to see what God has planned for us!