Atlanta's America's Mart Gift Market

That's a tongue twister! I just got home from market and as usual was clearly inspired! There were several fun trends I picked up on. It's funny how the trends sneak in and then, with our web-based lives, they take over!! I think we are all tired of chevron (I've never been a fan of it everywhere), antlers, they didn't really last long. They went from I don't want a dead animal on my wall to fake dead animals on every wall! ugh.

This market had a few of those left overs, but the brands have to find the trend almost a year in advance! They are already in China sourcing what we will love in 2015!! woah. that sounds crazy! We enjoy going to Creative Co-op. They do a great job of sourcing and making those reproductions look real. We love their lighting and furniture, but The Spotted Zebra is more of a gift shop. In January, we jump right into Christmas. yes, I haven't even gotten all of mine out of my house from December and I'm picking out new for 2014! It's a little unnerving. Let me tell you there will be woodland holidays everywhere! Hansel and Gretel will have fake critters on every mantel if I'm not careful! Owls, squirrels, foxes, did I say fox? Yes, there was a fox in EVERY showroom. I sang that song, you know the one, all day everyday! Honestly, we didn't buy a lot of it. It seemed a bit over done. I think we will be tired of the fox. Won't we? Please say yes.

We got to see old friends, like Thom, at Creative Co-Op.

We also met new friends, well, we've been friends on Instagram for like EVER, but I met Brian Patrick Flynn in one of my favorite showrooms, Blue Ocean Traders. He is a designer and producer at Flynnside Out Productions that lives bi-coastal and I love his style. The fact that he knew who I was and said I was pretty was just icing on the cake! I shared some of my "market tips" with him. He's not used to the mart. Oh, BPF, let me show you the way!

We weren't just there for The Spotted Zebra, Lucy Lockets got some new trinkets and chain for Spring! I have several stores waiting on jewelry. Hopefully, it's in a store near you! If not, let me know and I can contact them!

I found several light fixtures that will be great for Moon Glow. Do you buy lighting just because you love it? Or do you find a spot for it first? These will have a place, just not sure where, yet!!

I love these! I already have a pair of AMAZING pendants for the kitchen at Moon Glow….oh, maybe these can go to the cabin on Lake Martin! That's a new project I picked up yesterday! I'm so excited about it. It's being completely gutted, so it's like starting fresh!

 Gorgeous mirrors at Blue Ocean Traders. I could fill a crate at this place!

Textured wall paper, covered books and dachshund dogs were everywhere! This was in the Creative Co-Op showroom. 

One of my favorite showrooms for their displays is Demdaco. This wall made into a flag with mason jars. Yes, please.

  Another display at Demdaco. It reminds me of the gym flooring Layla used from Southern Accents several years ago. I love the way they spaced it. I'm thinking we can do something like this at Southern Makers this year!