Moss Rock Festival and a Woodlawn Pop-up

I was crazy busy last week. It seems to be a trend for me lately. I enjoy working with companies and brands that I can strategically align with. I know that Rome was not built in a day. It was not built by one person, either. I met Becky Denny and her daughter, Zade a few months ago at the warehouse in North Birmingham known as Deconstructive Waste Services. A salvage company that had a wonderful plan to recycle wood, brick, glass, etc. Digs Design was also in this building....behind the burlap curtain. No one was allowed to go behind the curtain! Oh, I was so intrigued! I saw a couple of pictures on Instagram and Facebook from Digs and made it a point to follow them to Railroad Park for a pop-up in the Spring. I introduced myself and Becky and I were instant friends. We had a LOT in common! We won't go into that, though, they aren't all great qualities! ;) We are both self-proclaimed dysfunctional! I got numbers and told them I would be in that week. You can read more about that here.

That leads us to 6 months later and a lot of brainstorming! They packed up the warehouse into 3 tractor trailers, yes, that's right THREE!! I can't wait for them to get into a new space and unpack. It will be like Christmas! They are full of vintage, industrial, mid century modern pieces that are great for conversation pieces, unique lighting, loft design and so much more. They got into the REVIVE Birmingham Pop-up in Woodlawn. It was planned to be the last week. This would give them time to curate what would be in the shop with an invite for me to bring my Lucy Lockets! I was very excited and really love working with them. We got to be in a great corner building with amazing natural light that was going to house the Baking Bandits! Seriously, this girl can cook up something delicious! I ate very well that week! Thanks Kristen Farmer Hall (My last name and my mother in law's maiden name, which is also John Connor's middle name, and I'm done) was the brains behind this little pop-up bakery. She had an amazing following and we were blessed that her patrons wanted to shop with coffee and scone in hand!

As the weekend neared, we started trying to plan for the Moss Rock Festival. It was being held at the Preserve in Hoover and Digs had a booth there, as well. I volunteered to help set up and man the booth for the weekend. Guess what that means? I packed up my Lucy Lockets and headed to Hoover! We also took some really cool pieces from Digs. We saw so many people that weekend and throughout the week. There is definitely a spark out there for this kind of vintage design. I took lots of pictures of our booth on Sunday and got a few shots of some of the other booths.

Overall, it was a great week. The word is definitely out about our companies and Digs has a few really good leads on warehouse space. I think you will be seeing something from them in the next few months! Look for a great sale and welcoming open house!

One of my favorite booths and favorite people, Anchor and Daisy. Andrea Marty has created the most amazing eco-friendly, sustainable