I'm in Love With.......

New friends, I have a bad (good) habit of making new friends.  I love to meet new people, learn what their strengths are and fill them in to my life! Hopefully, I can fill in their life with my strengths, too! I have worked with Fresh Style and Southern Lady Magazines a few times in the past months and, somehow, ran across this girl's blog. I guess I should introduce you and not call her, this girl. This is Amanda. I don't know how I found her blog, but you should find it, too. She has a lot of insight and is an amazing writer. We have a lot in common...not the writing part, mind you. It was really funny how I was stalking her in a way and then realized she works for Fresh Style as a stylist. I think my name has been mentioned over at their offices a time or two. I've loved working with Ande and the gang. They are amazing! Side note: you can now get Fresh Style on your IPad or Iphone. Yes, that's right, go ahead and download that now.

Back to this story! I posted on Facebook that I would like to go to the Country Living Fair. I have been playing with the idea for a couple of days and saw a picture of one of my favorite vendors, Ms. Wendy's Antiques....that's what I posted, pics of her booth. I was dying to go and see her things. She has an amazing eye and I love all that she has! Apparently, Amanda liked what she saw, too! She reached out and next thing I knew we were planning on leaving at 8am the next morning! We also planned to be home by 5pm that afternoon. (that didn't happen) We exchanged cell numbers and met in the parking lot at Bass Pro Shops in Leeds and next thing we knew....well, she knew....EVERYTHING about me! I didn't shut up! I swear my throat was sore that afternoon.

These adorable chairs were the hit of the fair! Everyone was snapping pics of these! 

Not sure what this is? Anyone know? We found it in the Stash Style booth. They had some major cool things. We were freezing and both bought something from this booth to warm us up! Check out my army jacket above! Amanda got a cute long sleeve t-shirt. This booth is also where we found that amazing sign! ^^^

Chandeliers and corbels are a few of my favorite things! Who can guess what came home with me? If you guessed the corbels, you were right! ;)


See this load of flash cards? I die. I had already spent 20 minutes going through a tiny, (compared to this), box and picked out 7. #ilovepaperandephemera

I had to find this girl! We were running through the end of the booths and I found Jeanne from Junxtaposition. She pointed me toward Lucy at Bel Monili. We have become fast, virtual buddies and we have our own hashtag.... #lucysunite Check out her jewelry, it's divine!

Just a few more pics from the booths that we loved. Last year I made it through the show in four hours. Mind you, I didn't see half. This year, I was there for 6 hours and barely made it through half. Two days, people, you need two days! Not to mention I missed Beth and Heather in their Country Living Fair Stage debut!! A few more pics as I ran through the last circle. Got to see Jenni and Jared again. Love those two! So encouraging and inspiring!