Shopping with my $150 Gift Card to Create-ologie

Do you ever join Twitter chats? I've done several with Hometalk and when I signed up to go to Snap! The Conference today, I saw that they were having one tonight! I love to meet new people...virtually! The cool thing about that is you get to know them online and then when you finally meet them in person, you are instant BFF's! (totally happened at The Chapel Market on Saturday) Create-ologie was the sponsor of this one. They did a plug for their website and then asked decorating questions. One question was do you use anything unconventional in your decorating? haha. The easier question for me would be do you use anything conventional in your decorating. yes, couches. I simply answered that I use lots of unconventional items and one is a whip for a pendant light in my kitchen. Another question was what or who influences you when you decorate. I answered with natural elements and texture. Then I re-answered, "If I can find the history or a story behind a piece, I'm sold!". I think that was the winning answer. You really can't tell, but I was staring at the screen when they were choosing and telling myself that I was going to win. Do you ever do that? Well, it worked! My kids thought I was crazy and Emma asked me to re-inact the moment. I did a small version and her phone died. Yes, she was video taping it to show all of her friends what a corn-dog I am! (yay)

So, then I started shopping. I couldn't wait. $150? That's a LOT of cash! As soon as I went to the online store, I saw that they had lots of items that I ordered at Atlanta Gift Mart in July from Creative Co-op. Where Women Create had a "booth" there with lots of organizing pieces. I got to meet Jo Packham. I LOVE what I ordered and there were several things that I didn't get. Guess what? They are in the shopping cart as we speak!! Of course, now I've spent more than $150 and need to decide just how badly I need all this fabulousness.

That's where you come in. Do you think you can help me choose? Ok, here is what I want.

This hook is fabulous! I have one similar on an old, chippy, green door that I display Lucy Lockets on. I could use another one! $22

I'm way over my $150. I need opinions. Do I keep it in budget? Help!!