The Slaughterhouse in Downtown Birmingham

I've been intrigued with this building for over a month. Someone mentioned it to me that they did a tour. (by flashlight). Totally sounds like a haunted house, doesn't it? ;) Well, it very well could be, but I hope not. I'm intrigued because I would love to make this one of my projects!! It would take some persuading of the hubby. He's not a believer in downtown Birmingham. I know, right? He apparently hasn't been paying attention!! So, my tour consisted of flashlights and a little natural light and sky lights. OH MY GOODNESS the sky lights were AMAZING!!! I have several ideas for this building. Right now, it houses a lot of storage and a photography studio for one of the best photographers in Birmingham. I just want to share some of the photos I took that day with my built in flash and iphone.

What I know about the history of this building is that in 1910 it was a Hormel Slaughterhouse. There are 3 freight elevators and for some reason, the animals were taken to the top floor. There are also burners on all the floors. That's the part that is the creepiest!

 Burner on the bottom floor

gorgeous natural light on this floor 

love this much 

THE skylight 

hardware on an icebox 

door for a refrigerated room  

 top floor of burner

view of Sloss from rooftop 

THE skylight from the top! 

 maybe this was my favorite floor


totally my favorite floor!