Lucy Lockets in Loudon, Tennessee

A few weeks ago I went to see my Mom and Aunts. My Mom and Aunt Ruthe live in Aunt Linda was just there for the Loudon Antique Show. Every year they have an outdoor antique show around the courthouse. It's a gorgeous location. Loudon is on the Tennessee river and is a  beautiful old town. Mom wanted me to come up and bring some of my Lucy's Lockets. I really have never done a show on my own with my jewelry. I was lucky to have help with a huge set up at Haven and it made the booth look full and finished. Well, this time, not so much. I didn't even have a table cloth! I did spray paint several bird cages to fill with burlap and display the necklaces on the outside. I also brought my new wrap station from Creative Co-op. Everything on the table top looked amazing! Then...there was the white table and all my stuff underneath. Some kind Facebook follower suggested I use a ruffled burlap tablecloth. I thought she was offering to send me one...not so much! Next time, I will find a cool vintage table that hides what is underneath.

At least my tags are AWESOME!

My Mom likes to paint furniture. She's got a little shop there called The Red Door. She has some really cute pieces if you want to check out her Facebook page!

 I enjoyed hanging out around the courthouse with everyone. I also loved shopping! We hit a couple of antique stores on Friday afternoon in Knoxville. Anthropologie just opened a store there and I picked up a few things for Fall!

This was just the cover of a book. Wonder what it was about? 

This metal Dr. Pepper sign was fabulous! Of course, not for sale. 

Shot glasses spelling out hot. 

 I found several pieces to use on future Lucy's Lockets and lots of other things that I would have loved to buy...but didn't!

 On my way, I was behind this cute Elsie. I couldn't resist taking her picture!