Cool Architectural Pieces

I went to one of my favorite salvage stores, Southern Accents Architectural Antiques,  today and looked around with a list. I was looking for leaded windows, tall windows..but narrow, newel posts or banisters, a table, a pull for a door on tracks, wood slabs for a coffee table, doors, corbels and picking up an M. None of these were for me....all for other people that know I like to find unique treasures and love to share them!

Some of my favorite finds today were smalls. Or parts of something.

Corbels always inspire me. This one was really big. I can see it as a shelf. There may have been two. If so, definitely could find lots of uses for these guys!

I saw this table online yesterday and didn't realize the size. It seemed bigger in the picture because it was shown by itself. With this adorable little, yellow car on top, you could see how small it is. It almost feels like a stool or shelf for something. It would be awesome as an island. You could add legs and a bottom with casters......(I really like that idea!)

 This creeped me out a little. I immediately thought of a crematorium.....or the slaughterhouse...eek!

Probably my favorite thing! Why didn't I bring this home with me today? How fantastic is the title Southern Queen?

Lots of new keys. I love to dig through the key drawers. These were all on rings and didn't lend themselves to being perused. I didn't ask if they were sold individually. That would be a good question. 

This is from a pulley. I just couldn't resist the HH. 

I bought a pull for the barn door, sent pics of windows and newel posts and brought home a giant M, took more pics of tables and slabs of wood. It was a pretty good day out searching! I know the newel posts worked. We'll see about the other things!