Saving Moon Glow Lake

I'm married to a land developer. What this means is that he takes gorgeous pieces of property and turns them into suburban living spaces. Sometimes it feels like he is taking a natural habitat and destroying the land. His favorite spaces are ones with a view of water and plenty of trees. Some lots will be over an acre and most will be at least 3 acres. He always wants to keep as many trees and natural habitat as possible.

There's a new neighborhood in town and it caused a LOUD protest. A beautiful lake in the middle of the woods that was private property was sold to my husband. He brought in a very well known housing developer that will create a community of over 140 houses. This area was untouched and couldn't be used by the public. The neighbors pleaded that it was the last natural habitats in North Shelby County. I'm happy to say, there will still be plenty of room for the animals and the lake! We feel like saving it is using the land. Before, it was used once or twice a year. Now, we will have standup paddle boards, a small boat, fishing, swimming, and tons of fun on this lake! We will enjoy it everyday and so will lots of other families. Thankfully,  there are so many natural spaces throughout North Shelby County that will never be developed because they have been turned into area parks.

Here is an aerial view of what the lake looks like. We will be toward the back of the lake.

I'm meeting with an architect today to see a 2nd version of our house plans. I envision lots of windows, light colored walls, and timber framing with hand hewn beams. I will always have a rustic look to the homes I build. I'm not a fan of modern style. 

I want my home to be comfortable and cozy. With a background of light walls and ceiling, I want to add pops of color along with leather couches and salvaged tables. I will also use industrial lighting and mix in chandeliers with as many prisms as I can find! 

I'm on the hunt for doors right now. They need to be purchased before the floor plans are finalized!