Lucy's Lockets vs. Lucy Lockets

I, for some reason, started out calling my jewelry Lucy Lockets. You know that nursery rhyme? Lucy Locket lost her pocket? Or something like that. I have a friend, Ashlee, that would always say Lucy's Lockets. I would correct her, as I do. (sorry Ash. I love you more than life). Now, I've started doing the same thing!! So, the question. What do I call them? It seems that Lucy's Lockets is appropriate since I have the Lucy's Inspired umbrella. Branding. Keep it simple stupid. All those things I tell people all the time on how they should present their brand. This is my open apology to Ashlee. You were right. I apologize for correcting you. You should smack me in the head and tell me why. You would never do that, though. Thank you.

So, with all that gibberish. Here is the big news! The Etsy shop is STOCKED!!! I had a few left over from Haven and finally got pictures of them. They are all up. The necklaces are sideways. Who knows why. I will fix them one day.....maybe. Let me know if you know an easy way to do that. I guess photoshop, but who has time for that? I did talk to an Etsy expert a few weeks ago, I LOVE CAROL,  and she gave me a million tips on how to run Etsy to my advantage. I need to work on putting those tips into place. I did update a few about me things. If you take a peek at my shop, let me know what you think and if you have advice....bring it on! I need it!!

Lucy's Lockets will be in a couple of Holiday Magazine issues. Can't wait to see that! Ah-mazing! I've had a blast getting to know Ande. If you know who she is, you know the mags to look for! (Wink) If not, I will make sure you know when they hit the newsstands! So much fun! If you follow me on Instagram, there are hints there!