2nd Avenue Shopping

Birmingham, Alabama has been getting a lot of press lately. Namely in the New York Times as a place that is on the comeback. You may remember me saying that at the Southern C Summit someone said it was the next Portland. We all got a kick out of that and blew it off. Well, "they" just may know what they're talking about!

I met with a new friend, Becky, that is like the mirror image of me. We have very similar taste and drive to be creative. She has a much better background in creativity than I do, but we believe that if we joined forces in some way....the world wouldn't be able to handle it! So, we had lunch on 2nd Avenue North and she was running a little late. I took this opportunity to do a little shopping. I started out on 3rd Avenue South and popped by a little shop called Retriever Antiques. < Hello, what a cute name!
I was very disappointed to find her closed for the day.

Next door is Frontera. If you've never been there before, this is a place full of iron work. Lots of iron decor, tables, stools, you name it. It has a very outdoor feel to it. They also do custom work! I noticed a couple of light fixtures that didn't necessarily fit into the theme. I asked and they were a designers that had them there on consignment. One fit a client's need and the other fit my need. Need, you say? Well, ok, not a need but a love of lighting that I can't quite get over. One was old and the other a reproduction. I will let you guess which one I wanted! {wink} There were also a couple of tables in there that would fit right into my.......um, nowhere. I do not have room for a table! Is it terrible that I want to move just so I will have a place to put more tables and light fixtures? It IS terrible, I know.

I left there and headed to 2nd Ave. North where I was meeting Becky at the Urban Standard. I forgot to get a red velvet cupcake. UGH! How do you forget cupcakes? I tell you how you forget. You start talking to Becky and she is saying everything that runs through your head constantly and you realize you are talking to the person that gets everything you want to do. We have a few plans in place and if our dreams come true, you will be able to partake in said plans. Until then, get down to 2nd Avenue North tomorrow for the Second Saturday Sidewalk Sale on 2nd.  Downtown Birmingham, people. It's where it's at!

 You can see these fantastic chairs at What's on Second. A place where you will find everything from chandeliers to NKOTB board games. #seriously. It's a destination.

For the record, I bought a brand new lens for my camera, ordered it from Amazon on Monday, it came on Tuesday and I should start using it! Iphone pictures are just so much easier!