The American Flag

It's such an iconic symbol of our freedom in America. In so many ways, this symbol gives us feelings of safety and pride. I have several decor items for the celebration on the 4th of July, but I have versions of the American Flag up all year.

The Smoking Glue Guns chose to make American Flags out of reclaimed wood this month. We picked up wood from Southern Accents and DWS. I had a few things in my stash that I used to add more dimension and texture. Our craft night was a little different than usual. We were using power tools! Well, Sara was! hehe Each person picked the wood they wanted to use and took it to her to be cut to size. The best part of that was when we were getting ready to clean up and discovered we had a "group flag" with all the scraps! It's being mounted on plywood to be hung in the Smoking Glue Guns Workshop at Ashlee's house!

I was thrilled that two of my besties got to join us. Daphney wanted to make a flag and Ashlee came in town for an appointment and decided to stay! Aren't their flags cute? This one of mine is hanging in Connor's office. He loves an American Flag!

 I couldn't get enough of them, apparently. I've made two more since that night! One is hanging on the barn at Hansel and Gretel and this one I may sleep with! Haha...just kidding. I have been in love with this wood for over a year. Thank goodness I brought a few pieces home with me when I saw it because I found out yesterday it was sold! Seriously broke my heart and reminded me that I have to start doing things instead of just thinking about them! Of course, one of my favorite creative friends dug it out of the wood warehouse at Southern Accents. She has amazing taste! ;)

This flag is something I dream of making one day! I love Alabama Chanin and love hand stitching! You can order this quilt online or order the DIY kit online.