Stitching Smoking Glue Guns! Amanda and Krista prepared a delicious mexican menu including yummy margaritas!!

I was a few minutes late, as usual and Lori fixed me up a FULL drink! It was overflowing! 

Anyone need a needle? I picked these up at DWS one day. You never know what you will find there! I love how impressed they are with that needle and thread! :-)

The pile of chevron fabric to choose from. We are making pillows! Each month, Ashlee and I try to thing of something fun and functional for the craft. We also like to find something that is a challenge. This month, hand-stitching. Some brought a pillow from home and others ran to the local craft supply store for a blank pillow case. We had a large variety of designs. The state of Alabama was our inspiration. Some cut lots of individual fabrics and pieced it all together, while others took one fabric and printed a pattern on the silhouette. We had initials, numbers, Alabama, and one person did a question mark! I love the variety that comes out of this group. Not sure why but we didn't get a group photo. I only have 3 samples and one is the craft for May!

A sneak peek into what we are doing for May. Can you say statement necklace?