Spray Paint and a Stencil

Oh, how I love spray paint! It transforms so quickly. I love instant gratification, but who doesn't?

We are working diligently on the Southern Makers event on May 4, 2013. Southern Accents is transforming the Train Station in Montgomery into a Southern Accents design! We have lots of projects to cover: the dumpster fencing, the outside bathroom walls, the stage, a workstation, and lots of little spots all over the area.

I went by Cullman Sign and Banner to hang out with Suzi. She made us a few vinyl stencils to try out for putting our logo all over the place! We chose to do one with our long logo and the other is just the monogram. After I picked through these really cool letters from the back, I took the stencils over to the Vintage Wood Warehouse where Ryan helped me find some spray paint. I was just going to find a junk piece of wood for testing and then I saw an industrial cart. Oh yeah! Who wouldn't love to have the SA monogram on an old industrial cart? I didn't clean the wood with soap and water nor did I sand it. You can imagine the texture on the cart. Vinyl doesn't stick very well to dirt and bumps, so I used a little painters tape to hold it all in place. 

It turned out really cool, I think!

The bigger logo wouldn't fit on a cart, so Ryan helped me find a really wide piece of wood. This one could not have been more perfect! I wiped it down with a paper towel and stuck the vinyl on as good as I could. The top and bottom wrapped around and that helped hold it in place. I really loved the white contrast with the wood coming through....maybe another option soon? I can paint the opposite white and have the wood showing through as the logo.

Next step spray paint. I let it sit for a few minutes and noticed the vinyl was bubbling up! I guess the spray paint is too strong. It's probably best to use roll on stain or paint.

I pulled up the vinyl slowly.......I LOVE it! It's just a clean look with the rustic wood behind it.

I have no idea why it says Cullman, Alabama on there twice. Must have been a glitch in the machine! Oh well, they are proud to be from there....so, it fits!