Save the Tree

There was a big story coming out of Alabama last week. There were some trees being removed from Toomer's Corner. It was a big stink. You may not have heard about it if you aren't from Alabama. We take college football seriously around here. We also take tradition with those football teams very seriously! The teams I'm referring to are Alabama and Auburn. Sometimes pranks are played on the opposing team before a big game. Sometimes they are taken too far. A few years ago a man decided to poison the trees on Toomer's Corner in Auburn, Alabama. These trees have so much tradition behind the Auburn Football Family. After Auburn wins a football game, the fans will go to Toomer's and roll the trees. It's a tradition. After the Spring Game this year, the trees would be rolled for the last time. They were taken down this week. You can search the hashtag #toomerslastroll on Instagram or Twitter and see lots of pictures. I snagged this one so you could see the trees and all of the people that wanted to be a part of it. I'm telling you, we love college football here! 

So, I came home after taking the kids to school on Monday and Connor was flagging trees. This one had a flag on it. It's the Christmas Tree. (thats what we call it) I begged him not to take it down. He wants a yard to play in, you know, throw the football, baseball, etc. But, this one? Why this one? 

The heavy machinery got there to take down the trees and I asked for their support to save the tree. I told them to tell Connor it shouldn't be taken down and it worked! The tree was saved!  #thankful They started laying the sod and I realized it was going to be great. I love the way it turned out. I got to keep my tree and we have a great front yard to play in! John Connor got out and helped them, too.

After the best baseball game of the season on Saturday, we got home and wanted to hang out in our new and improved front yard. Connor went to the store for burgers and dogs and we invited friends over to play! They didn't get to throw the football or baseball because we need to let the sod root for a few weeks, so the basketball goal got put back up and the shot some hoops! Man, I love this place!!