Point Your Toes

Meet the State Champion Level 7 13-14 year old. She scored first place in all three events! 
Look at those pointed toes! (yay)

This is her T&T BFF, Emma, or as she is called at the gym, Steve. 

These two are a lot alike in a lot of ways. I love that Farmer has Steve as a role model. She is a great girl and is going to be an amazing woman! 

I've had a blast hanging out with my girl. We have so much fun together. She thinks I'm a little weird and.....the feelings are mutual! We don't get a lot of one on one time. She's always with a friend and if she's with us...well, it's us, not just the two of us. 

Some of the funny things she's said. hashtag winner...or just hashtag anything. She's called me Jack 12 times...at least. She's working on a Doing book. It's supposed to help her be creative and do things. I had to read part of it aloud and LOVED what I read. She wanted to Vine me. 

She's not sure if she wants to keep doing T&T. The meets seem to fall on a weekend when there is something else fun going on. I wouldn't miss her meets for anything. If she wants to keep it up. I will be here every. single. time.