I've got to quit stripping.

It's so bad for me! Plus, I'm horrible at it. I make zero money.

I'm stripping these corbels for Layla Palmer. She asked me to help her look for corbels several months ago. I found these in Tennessee and they are fabulous, but she wanted them stripped. I should have taken them to Cullman immediately. Instead, I waited until the last minute and tried to do it myself. I went to Lowe's and bought all the supplies.

I took it all over to Ashlee's....she would know what to do. We sat in her driveway: me stripping, her making some AWESOME teacher gifts. Watch her blog this week. I bet you will see them there! (wink)

I was struggling. We went inside for a sandwich and I got a phone call. It was Garlan asking me about an ad for the Southern Makers event book. I told him my dilemna. He tried to say I told you so, but I stopped him and he told me to get to the store and he would put them in the strip tank. Ahhhhh....hero!

I packed my bucket real quick and headed north!

I was planning on meeting Layla and Kevin at 3:00 to help with a project they are working on...check out this post to follow along with this particular adventure! The corbels are for something totally different! ;)

I went straight to the wood shop and Roger helped me tell Rojelio that I needed these corbels stripped. I pulled 4 out of a garbage bag and he threw them in the tank. Wow. Really? He wears and apron and these really thick long gloves so his skin won't burn. I was over there with my camera in one hand and phone in the other. Roger told me to step away from the tank! I decided one weapon at a time!

I'm not sure why Rojelio doesn't have his gloves on here. He needs to be careful! Dipping and stripping? much easier!

He was dunking them and using a bucket to pour the stripper over the corbels.

 Wow, can you believe how it just bubbles up? I just wanted to reach in and peel it all up! I can't wait to see them come out of the tank!

I left them with him and went up front to meet up with Layla and Kevin. I was surprised to see Myra, from My Blessed Life, come in! She had her sweet baby boy with her. He is SO cute! She was meeting them, too. We spent the rest of the afternoon out at the wood warehouse with Ryan finding, measuring, and pulling wood. Loaded it all up for them to take home and realized it was too late to get the corbels. We told them all about the Southern Makers event and they are planning on stopping by...so, we will deliver that weekend! A fun day. I really love helping people find their treasures at Southern Accents.