Home Run Hero

I had a moment last night. I guess all Mom's do and often, right?  We were at John Connor's baseball game. We got there early, so it was a long night on the bleachers. The first inning had us biting our nails. It was 2 all. We got up to bat again and our team went through the lineup almost twice. Whole new, boring game. The games usually make it to 4 innings. The time limit is an hour and 40 minutes or 10 run mercy rule at the end of the 4th. There were 15 minutes left and we were winning 12-14. Two runs or 15 minutes...which ever came first, it would be over. We had the family there! Even Grayson came to watch. He's our studly 8th grade baseball player-cousin from Trussville. They beat Oak Mountain in the area tournament on Monday night. It was their first year to play at the middle school level. Last year they didn't have a team. Let's be honest,  he was a little bored and ready to go.

Earlier that day, John Connor had been begging for a new bat. Everyone has been using "white lightning" and it was the rockstar bat. He didn't necessarily want that one (i'm sure he did). He wanted one immediately and you have to order that one. We went to Academy. He was spending his money from his birthday. I don't have a clue about bats. I didn't see one that was his size and he really didn't want any of them. We left with no bat.

Back to the game. We had a runner on 3rd. John Connor just needed a hit to get him to home. He was using his old bat. Hayden was pitching like a machine. They were fast! It was 2 balls 2 strikes. You have to swing if you get anything. He did. It was solid and went straight over the first baseman's head out to the fence! He was running so fast and we were all screaming! He was going for it. He ran around 3rd without even checking up!! He slid right into home plate and we were on our feet, throwing high 5's all around!! The umpire looked to the crowd and yelled, "Game over!". I had to control the tears. My heart was so full.

I'm so proud of him. He was so proud. Even Emma was proud! She wanted her picture made with him. LOVE these moments. So worth documenting. I think I'm still floating!