Digging the Past so Much, They Recycle it!

I'm a salvage junkie. I don't discriminate either. It can be from the 1800's or the 1950's.

I want to introduce you to Digs Design. This is a Mom and Daughter team that have an incredible eye! You will find them at any pop up flea market in Birmingham. You can also call for an appointment during the week. They are usually open in their showroom on Saturdays. It's one of those...they have cool things and you will work around their schedule kind of places! (wink)

We have been chatting back and forth on Facebook and Instagram. You know, you become friends with people through social media so much easier!! We both have this love of old and repurposed. These guys specialize in party rental and the mid-century look. If you need an industrial light or a letter to spell out something fabulous, you will find that here! They have cool and funky couches, chairs and industrial carts that you have to have. or just look at and post on Instagram!

I stalked them down at the Pop Up at Railroad park. Ok, stalking may not be the right word. I walked right up and introduced myself. We felt like kindred spirits from the start!! I wanted to go by their shop the next week, but we couldn't get our schedules together. I went by their location and snuck in behind the curtain. Yes, the curtain! They are in a huge warehouse downtown and their space is in the back. It's 10,000 square feet of vignettes that will make your heart sing! I can't wait to get back down there and start a pile and let Zade give me a price. It's fun stuff, y'all!

Who wants to go on a field trip?