The Glue Guns were Smoking Again!

Well, smoking in the hot glue gun sense! 

Our inspiration this month was Emma's art! She has taken several art classes with Tricia Robinson. Check out her website. You will die with inspiration! These are just a couple of Emma's masterpieces.

A special thanks to Bebe for our sign this month!

Ashlee in her sombrero. We had a mexican fiesta! Ole!

I went through the old scrapbooking stash and pulled out several hundred things we could use.....not a dent, I tell ya....not a dent!

Ashlee had a few supplies on hand, too!

I gave a quick, non-formal tutorial on what the idea behind the art should be. Pretty much, paint your background before or after. 

Rip up your paper, stick your fingers in the gel medium and start sticking it down in your desired design. Oh, I did grab a piece of chalk to outline my design. 

This was an easy, not too much to think about project. Lots of laughter and Zac Efron talk going on!

Of course, the night isn't complete without the use of the glue gun! 

I love the use of book paper. If you have an old book, you can rip it up and make a piece of art!

 This was determined the winner in the end. She had no idea where she was going and it ended up really cool! Look for it in the last photo! I know you will love it, too!

I popped out 3. I've done this before and didn't have a plan, so I just started sticking paper down and wrapping twine and painting and glueing, Oh MY!

I think foam brushes are my favorite thing! Use them, toss them! 

No plan, just painting to see what would happen. I actually love the way it turned out!

 Our final masterpieces! Lori created one before she got there so that she could take the photos. She's so good at it! She used her silhouette. The possibilities with this are endless! She did make another while we were there. It's just felt good to get your hands dirty and create!