A Walk Through the Garden

Ok, it's really not a garden. It's my yard. I can't wait to get some bushes and flowers planted! I'm itching to get started. Is it still too early? I pulled out the camera and walked around the grounds here at Hansel and Gretel. At 5:00pm the light is beautiful! I truly feel blessed every time I walk around and see something new. This little corner just has so much character and I'm so lucky to have found it!

I started toward the barn and saw these doors I picked up at DWS a month ago. I need to get Albert, the handyman, over here pronto to get these put up inside!

 As I step inside, I see the light hitting this wood. The window is a bit blown out, but I love the way the light is falling on this pile of bead board. I think it's time to start on those projects!

I found this screen door under the house after we moved in. I wanted to put it back up, but the Connor Farmer thinks it's old and dirty. Hmmmph. It's on the list to be cleaned up and hung! {oh, Albert?}

As I stood up, I saw this church birdhouse that Connor's grandfather built many years ago. It looks so beautiful in the light and that chippy old shutter just adds enough character to make me want to leave it right in that spot!!

 All I had to do was turn and turn and see so many spots that had the texture and character that I find beautiful. That stack of bricks is showing because the door has fallen off. {Albert better hurry}

 I walked over to the courtyard in front of the house. This bike was left behind by the previous owner. I don't know if it was parked there on purpose or left there in a hurry. I'm sure the ivy will take over and it may never be moved again!

As I'm walking back onto the porch, I see the light hitting this corbel. I picked this little guy up at Scott's a few months back. He needs to come inside! Those stars in the background are from Scott's and my mom. This place is full of treasures.