Modern Rustic Design Trend

Are you on the bandwagon, yet? It's been sneaking it's way in for a couple of years, but is full throttle right now! Modern Rustic Design is what I'm talking about. We built a house close to 8 years ago with this style before it really had a name. The best way I can describe it is texture vs. smooth. The modern has smooth, straight lines and rustic has texture and patina in it's natural state. There is also a sense of something old that has a story and a can't-recreate feeling. Wallpaper peeling off the walls. The texture and look that can't be found.

This is the house we moved from. I love that brick backsplash and walls!

 A lot of people think the copper tub was uncomfortable. It's very comfy and the water stays warm the whole time you are in it!

 Three years ago The Wall Street Journal described it as Rough Luxe:

Rough luxe is, at first glance, a study in Contradictions, an attempt to reconcile the antique or the just plain old with the contemporary, the accumulated with the newly acquired, the decrepit with the pristine. It’s artful dissonance. For those who have come to think of luxury as smooth, shiny, polished, refined and expensive, rough luxe will undoubtedly come off as unfinished, unplanned and somewhat chaotic.

That is EXACTLY how I love to decorate. Sometimes it feels masculine. I just love to use texture and natural elements in my designs. Our last house was on the market for several years. So many people came through and thought it was too masculine. The house we moved into is very rustic. It was built in 1964 with all reclaimed, salvaged materials. You may have read this post where the family came by that built it and told me many, many stories! The character at Hansel and Gretel is so incredible. Almost every person that comes in asks for us to call them when we are ready to sell. The idea of the Modern Rustic aka Rough Luxe is to use items that are not updated or cleaned up. It's also is to use items in unlikely places. There are no rules. I have really low ceilings with dark beams covering the ceiling in what I call the dining room. Then hanging from the middle of the room is the most gorgeous chandelier with more crystals than you can imagine hanging from it! 

I work with Southern Accents Architectural Antiques promoting ways to use the architectural salvage they get from homes that are being demolished. I created a Pinterest board to give you several ideas of how to incorporate this style in your home. I hope you will check that out and if you want to see more of what Southern Accents is doing, you should like their Facebook page. It wouldn't hurt if you told them I sent you....just makes it look like I'm doing my job {wink, wink}! 

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