Hickory Flooring at the Creek Party!

This flooring came in several months ago to Southern Accents. I knew it was going to be gorgeous and knew I would use it somewhere! I was thrilled when the Creek Party! plans were coming to fruition and I would have a house to build. We lived in our last house for 7 years and while I was VERY sad to move, I was also VERY ready to change a few things. The Creek Party! was the perfect place for my creativity. I've been giving you sneak peeks along the way. We are opening the house this weekend for the first real party. Connor's Grandfather turned 85 in January and we are celebrating with the 50 close family members! I saw on the weather that it's going to be gorgeous that day! {yay}

So, back to the hickory flooring. That's why we're here, right? They milled this floor in several widths. I love wide plank flooring, so we went with the 5 inch planks. The main floor is hardwood and the basement is stained concrete. I'm just going to show off the pics now.

I was in the loft looking down on the floors in this picture. That is a ladder and it's HIGH! But, I love the color variation in this flooring. We chose to just put a clear coat on them to show the natural colorations!

 Another "top" view.

You may have seen this one before. That screen door, the wood balcony for the loft and the heart pine table built by Connor's Grandfather. I love this picture!

 A view of the kitchen. This is one I took and instagrammed. The house was still unfinished here, but you can see the skin wrapped beams and that octagon shaped one in the center is a beauty!