Creek Party - One More Week!

We only have one more week before the Creek Party will be holding it's first party!! We are celebrating my husband's Grandfather's birthday. We call him Papa. He is 85 years young! We're so excited to break in the Creek Party for his birthday. It is the perfect first "party", don't you think?

We were out there on Saturday and Sunday. We made beds, hung pictures and other fun stuff on the walls. The kids played climbing up and down the ladder! We HAVE to get a staircase to get into the loft. It's high and dangerous!

In the basement, we have barn wood skins on the walls. They are very rustic. It's a huge open room with concrete floors, a bar on one end and the door at the other end is a garage door. I have a feeling it will stay open ALL the time! We may need one of those screen things to keep the bugs out!

I took a few pics with my iphone of the crate-shelving wall. I wanted these over the table for games, etc. We decided to move it to another wall and I have a feeling it will be moved once again. Here is what is up now. I got these at Scott's Antique Market last month. I'm heading back there on Friday and can't WAIT! I will be getting a few more, no doubt. These are great for lots of projects.

Anyone notice it's the shape of an L? Laura and I decided it looked best that way ;)!

I also hung the arrow chalkboard. I've been selling these in my Etsy shop. I had this one left and knew in the back of my mind it would end up at the creek! I LOVE the way it looks on this wall. It's the first thing you see when you walk downstairs.

This is such a cool place and I know there will be lots of memories made here. I plan on sharing as many details as I can here. It's going to be a great party!!!