New Years Eve: Bringing in 2013 in Style

Happy New Year!

It's all in the details

The magicians. Ashlee (left) is the amazing designer and Lori (right) is the amazing photographer!
 Last minute touches




Party girls

I want to thank my good friends, Ashlee and Lori for allowing me to show you their fun New Year's Eve party. It looks like it was all girls, but I think the men must have been out back around the fire, not inside with all the pretties! Ashlee has such an attention to detail. I'm so glad she is letting me show it off! Lori knows exactly how to capture the atmosphere. It makes me want to jump right into the pictures. One funny detail is that this party started at 4:00pm on New Year's Eve and was over by 9:00pm. Life of mom's with small kids! I love that they went all out and didn't even stay up to see the ball drop, not even over New York City! I wish I could pick one favorite detail. She left nothing untouched. I have a feeling you are going to see a lot more of Ashlee's creativity on my least I hope so!   Happy 2013!