Molly's Salad on a Stick

BCS Championship game night was at Molly's house! She is one of our favorite cooks. Ok, she is the best cook! We all love to go over to Molly's house to eat. It's a new year. Most people started their New Year's Resolutions to eat right on the first. Those of us in Alabama started ours on January 8th. There was a game that called for tailgate food. Luckily, Molly thought of an easy way for us to eat a salad! Alabama vs. Notre Dame was the game of the year!

We had salad on a stick. Stop it. This was my favorite! It was amazing! 

 She had it arranged in a bowl with the lettuce, bacon and tomato all on one stick! Drizzle a little dressing on top and it's ready to serve! 

  Just pop a salad in your mouth. Oh, you could totally dip in dressing. 
GREAT idea for a salad at a tailgate!

 Meet Chef Molly and her sous chef, Emma. I think Emma wants to learn to cook. I guess we will go to Molly's very often this year! 

 I LOVE this photo! I have no idea what the score was at the time. If this was the first touchdown or the last. These two boys love Alabama football. Can you tell? I think they were getting ready for their
 end-zone celebration dance!