Junk Gypsy finds at the Tractor Graveyard

We travelled to Tennessee this weekend for Emma's gymnastics meet in Knoxville. Emma got a 2nd place medal on Trampoline! Yay!

My Mom wanted us to go to the tractor graveyard on Saturday for me to pick out my birthday present! We really wanted to do that, but we had NO room in the car to bring back a dead tractor! haha. I want a grate from the front of a tractor. You know, a rusty, crusty one with a lot of cool colors and chippiness! It's funny that we go to the tractor graveyard to get this since Johnny, her husband, has a farm FULL of old rusty cars, tractors and OLD farm tools. Since I'm thinking about what that tractor graveyard might have had for me, I thought I would share some photos I took out at the farm last Spring.

I wish I knew how old this was. Johnny is the third generation of this farm, so it could be from the late 1800's or early 1900's. Can you believe that tree growing out of it??

 The grill on this truck is one of my favorites. I love the white and rust colors!

I love how this truck looks against the grass, wheat field and sky! It's like the perfect photo shoot!

Most of these vehicles were hauled out here to rest in peace. They have been here....for a long time! They were all driven by someone in the family and have lots of memories. Some people save Christmas cards, Johnny saves cars and trucks! He does take parts from them to fix other cars! (at one time he did)

I do love this one. Can't you imagine him driving that one around thinking he was something! According to my Mom, he was! (wink)

This is my favorite truck on the farm. It has the best colors. I have pictures from all sides and with my kids climbing all over it! That tree coming up through the front is awesome!

I want to make this into a table. There is no telling how much it weighs, but with pretend there isn't a tree growing out of it. Then put a piece of glass on top. Voila! I need a chainsaw!

My favorite truck out there. It reminds me of a cow!

This is from a Ford. I love the idea of creating words from individual letters. Check out my facebook page. My cover photo is from a sign that says Cullman Apothecary. 

 This is a wooden box on the back of an old tractor. I love the colors here and would totally rip this off if I knew someone named Oliver! I want to say this is from one of those 1800's tractors,

This made me laugh. I think these ladies are on lots of trucks still moving up and down the road, but they were rusty and I found them adorable!