First Peeks from the Creek Party!

I guess I should explain why I call the creek house the Creek Party! First of all, it's a weekender kind of place. It's about 30 minutes outside of Birmingham and it's a family place. My husband has a huge family and he and his cousins have been working on this property for months! My vision for the house is that everyone will come out and play (party) every weekend! The main reason it got the name is because a year ago, we were selling the property on the other side of the creek and my son wanted to have his birthday party out there. We were going to camp out and canoe down the creek. I started a pinboard on Pinterest to gather all of my ideas! You know, s'mores buffet, tent invites, the whole shebang. Next thing I know, all the lots have been sold and my hubby decides to tell me we bought the property on the other side of the creek and we are going to build a cabin! Now, I started pinning cabin ideas to that board so I could keep up with the ideas! The Creek Party! was born.

I post about it all the time on my Lucysinspired page and I get questions about where and what I'm talking about. We have been working on it for several months and I have been out there a thousand times. I was usually so busy, I forgot to take pictures. Plus, it was all junked up with dust and generators and dumpsters! The floors upstairs were finished over the weekend and we needed to pick out the concrete stain color, so we made a day of it and went out to the house! I took my good camera and my iphone. I wanted to do a few sneak peeks on Instagram and do an official blog post when it was all done. I was just asked where a picture on facebook could be pinned from. Got me thinking about giving you all a little teaser! Here are just a few of the photos I took today.

This was taken standing inside the kitchen. Those beams were LVL beams and I was UPSET when I saw them! I wanted everything to be reclaimed. I couldn't quite find beams long enough for this room and they decided to go on without me. My brother, Charlie, was the contractor on site and he gave me the idea to clad the beams with barn wood. I wanted skins that were the same size as the LVL beams. Again, couldn't be found. I finally gave in and went to Southern Accents and had Shane pull the barn wood for me. These were skins from barn wood. It had been milled so that it was the same thickness and width. It was perfect! It's been a few weeks since I was there and when I walked in today, I was so impressed! They looked GREAT! What do you think?

I also love that rusted tin ceiling. The wood on the ceiling in the kitchen is pick wick paneling. I knew this room would be able to handle a lot of texture with the tall ceilings. I feel like the sheetrock is the perfect backdrop for all that beautiful texture! I can't wait for you to see the floors! #imgiddy

This was taken looking into the kitchen. You can see the seams from the barn wood (if you look closely). The painters are coming tomorrow to finish up the kitchen walls and put another coat on everything. We also decided to paint the floor in the loft red AND the stairs going into the basement! This photo is of the floors. OH MY GOODNESS! I'm in love with them!! They are hickory and very wide planks. Purchased from Southern Accents.  We just put a good clear coat on them to bring out the natural colors. That beam in the center of the room is an octagon. I've never seen a beam with 8 sides! Garlan sent me a picture of it one day laying out at the wood museum. I had to have it! I am such a sucker for something unusual. I can always find a spot for it somewhere! We used the ends of it as brackets for the fireplace. You can find a huge selection of guessed it, Southern Accents! There's a lot more to show of this house! Can't wait to share it with you!