A Letter to Myself in 2012

Dear Lucy,

The year started off amazing, working full-time at Telegraph Branding. You really loved this job since you love to be creative and think outside the box. That is what they needed from you! It was a good fit. The end of January brought the best trip to California with two of your best friends, Ashlee and Marisa.  Starting in San Francisco and staying at Jennye's apartment, the three of you saw everything! Jennye was the best hostess. Dinner every night, shopping and site seeing all day long. I wish we could go through all the fun that was had. Three days later you were on your way to LA. There was a half marathon to run! You met up with that cute B Disney Planner Smith. Seriously, is that her middle name? She planned this portion of the trip and, as usual, did a stand up job.

March came with plans of Spring Break and Summer Vacation. This ran into problems with the el-job-o. You had already used half of your vacation for the year and it wasn't even April. You decided the family was more important than the job. Taking Southern Accents with you gave you that little extra spending money. Emma tried out for the OMMS Cheer Squad and made it! Wow, that was some stress for everyone.

Emma was in full force with her Tumbling and Trampoline Season: a meet a month, 3 practices a week. That is a full time job! John Connor was playing flag football. A really good move for him. He needed to build a little confidence playing football. He had lots of fun running and catching balls and don't forget the touchdowns!

School got out and we traveled back and forth to the beach. Summer seems to be a blur with something going on every day! Cheer camp and football camp, fishing trips and dreams of scuba diving. Yolo board riding as the Gliding Monkeys at Sandestin, building sandcastles, bungee trampoline flipping and french fry eating at Hartell's were just a few of the summer activities!

School starting back always gets everyone back on schedule. It's such a relief to have school everyday, cheer practice, football practice, workouts at the gym, pilates and bootcamp. What would you do without a schedule? Emma going to school the first day in her cheer uniform was such a special moment. It gave you the sense of what she worked for and how she has become a leader at her school. A very proud mom moment! John Connor worked hard on the football field. He had a new coach and had to show him how hard he could work. He improved so much from last year. He did make a touchdown at the Thompson game. You loved how he looked over at you and Connor on the sideline first. Kids love to see the pride on our faces.

Fall also brought lots of changes for work. Southern Accents no longer needed you to do the social media and marketing. It was a shock and very hard to take. A month later, they changed their minds. It is still being tweaked, which gave you the opportunity to find yourself and build your own popularity.  You realized you had the ability to create your own brand. Lucysinspired came to fruition, meaning, it became something. It had been out there for a while without a purpose. Now that you had all these ideas floating around and no one taking advantage of them, you realized you could use your knowledge for your own brand. You now have a jewelry line that became very popular in December and this blog has become something you think about daily. There is a lot to look forward to in 2013.

Looking forward to seeing what becomes of it!