New Friends and Arrow Chalkboards

I have a new friend and her name is Ashlee. She and I were introduced by a mutual friend. We were told we had to meet because we were so much alike! Lori was right. The day we met we continually found things we had in common.

She and I decided to make a trip to Atlanta on Thursday. It was the last day of Cash 'N Carry at the America's Mart in Atlanta and the first day of Scott's Antique Market. One more reason we HAD to go on Thursday was to meet the Novogratz. It's pretty much the only decorating show I watch. I LOVE their style. My main goal, though, was to get more of these arrows to make more chalkboards.

She volunteered to drive. Her car is a bit bigger than mine. When she showed up at the house Thursday morning at 7am, she had all the seats cleared out...this girl knew what she was doing! I threw in my luggage and off we went!

We made it to the Mart first and started in Building 3. There were rows and rows of jewelry. I knew this wasn't where we wanted to be. We stopped in at Blue Ocean Traders. They always have fun items and never sell individual pieces. You have to order a crate and I can't afford a crate!!! I was glad to find olive buckets for more lights like this one in my Etsy shop. I also found a cute porcelain hand to hang jewelry on. (wishing I had bought several of those) We knew we needed to get to Scott's soon. We wanted plenty of time to find unique treasures!

I found a cool industrial light for a good price and Ashlee found a really cute wooden moose. Her maiden name is Moose and she collects them! Cute, huh?

I finally made it over to the rusty letter place, found Chad and started working a deal. I needed more arrows to make chalkboards!  I found a really cute star that I knew I could use. There was only one arrow, but Chad said he could get me more from the warehouse. I finally got the deal I was looking for. We would just have to come back Friday morning.

I made these this afternoon. I have 2 of the arrows sold. I want to keep one to take to the Creek Party house, but I have a listing in my Etsy shop. If it sells, I might have to make another trip! I'm loving that star!

I found a few more things I wanted, but couldn't bring myself to pay what they were asking. (a new way of thinking ;) for me) I went to find Ashlee. She found a great wood pedestal for a great price and I ended up getting one, too. We found so many fun things all over Scott's. I think I could go every weekend and find something!! Too bad it's only open once a month.

Up next, The Novogratz! We made it to Barnes and Noble and bought our books. We were lucky to get there a little early and sat in the 2nd row! They came out and looked just like they do on tv. Bob gave a little background on their story and then Cortney gave us a few tips on design rules. Even though, she doesn't know the rules! She's never been schooled in design. (just one of the things we have in common) They asked if anyone had questions. I asked if they had been shopping in Atlanta, told them to go to Scott's and the Mart! There were a few others asking questions. I think I asked the most! We got our books signed and had a photo made. I'm so glad to have met them. 

Today is Ashlee's birthday. I made her this frame. Her number is 22. Her kids birthdays are the 22nd and her husbands. Her birthday is 11/11. Hello, that equals 22. Love numbers with meaning!