Lucy Lockets Re-stocking Event!

I've been making a few necklaces! I always get compliments on my Lucy Locket's. I was at Anthropologie today at a Holiday Workshop. I was a little disappointed when I realized I was working on their holiday display and not going to be taking something home. 2 hours later......ha! It was fun! I did learn how to make a cute garland, a polar bear and some add-ons for gifts! I took several photos and lots of notes. I hope to get a DIY tutorial up soon! Bug me about it if it doesn't happen! ;)

As I was sitting there hot-gluing and burning my fingers and asking a million questions, the girls noticed my necklace. They wanted to know what it was. A hinge. Where did I get it? I made it. Wow, they loved it! I told them about my scavenger hunt of finding cool pieces all over the place...yes, on the ground and in the dirt! This one is a favorite. It's the color and the rust and I think the simplicity that makes it special. It's not for sale. It's my private collection! #hathatsoundsofficial

What did happen was I got home and pulled out the little zip lock bags I had packed last week and started making Lucy Lockets! I made 5! I was making a 6th one and couldn't get it to look good. Decided it was time to walk away! This making little bags of parts is working for me! I have a spot at Greystone Antiques and am going to drop these and a few others I already had made up off tomorrow. If you are over that way, stop in and check them out! They are in a closed case by the front. Should be pretty easy to find!

I also LOVE to make necklaces for people. I have a customer coming by next week to make one (or two) because her husband gave her a gift card! It's a great gift for you or someone on your list! I would love for you to bring any trinkets or charms you may have that mean something to you. I have customers that have used skeleton keys from their grandparents house or brooches that belonged to a special loved one. We can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want!

Take a look at the Etsy shop for some ideas. I also have several jewelry organizers there. This is something I love doing! I find lots of architectural pieces and we can make something that would work for your jewels!

My daughter turned 13 yesterday. She is becoming a beautiful young lady. I'm so proud of her!
This photo was taken by Beth Bryan

 She's second from the left