Hansel and Gretel Bathroom Before and After

This is my bathroom. Well, this was my bathroom before I moved in. See that light bulb? Yeah, that's inside the shower. I do love this wood that is on parts of the walls. I probably could have used it if I could have found more to match. Don't worry, I saved it all! I'm thinking picture frames and Christmas trees! These pictures were taken while the previous owner lived here. 

I also need to say, this bathroom is SMALL! Only one person at a time in this baby! You can see in this photo there isn't wood on every wall. We have a little plumbing showing and cinder block wall action. I really wish you could see that lamp. It's a Diet Mtn. Dew can. I love Diet Mtn. Dew! I totally could have used that lamp somewhere! He took it. :(

I called my handy man, Charlie. He's my brother and favorite handy guy. He doesn't enjoy my projects, but he does a pretty good job!! We decided just to do 1x6's on all the walls. We went to Lowe's a million times. There ended up being a lot of space to cover! We took the wall all the way to the ceiling and covered the ceiling in the 1x6 wood, too. I chose to paint the wood with Moonlight White by Benjamin Moore. This color is EVERYWHERE in my house! 

I found some old baseboard at a architectural salvage place in Chattanooga, Architectural Exchange. It is a great blue color! We took the baseboards and cut them in half to use as shelves. I also found some tiny corbels at Southern Accents to use a brackets to hold them up! 

Next, I went to World Market and found baskets to hold all of my essentials! (You can see my hairdryer sticking out! ;) The mirrors are small and hanging just so you can see your face. There isn't room for big ones! 

I love the way that blue Ball jar just pulls a small amount of color in and matches my key hole perfectly! It's a simple amount of accessories and it seems to make the space feel a little bigger! 

A wider angle shot so you can see how it all looks together....I had to stand in the utility closet to get this shot!

This is a lot smaller than my last bathroom. I can live with it, though. It's small and cozy and hey, who needs to spend a lot of time in the bathroom? FYI, I put my makeup on in my closet.....I'll show you that later! It's my FAVE place at Hansel and Gretel!