Words of Wisdom and Burlap Pillows

This July Emma and I went to America's Mart Atlanta for Gift Market. We stopped by Scott's Antiques Markets first. We found so many things we wanted! I think we filled the car and could barely fit another piece in!! Then we went to the Atlanta Mart! Oopsie, it's a good thing most of the showrooms ship!!

One of my favorite showrooms to stop in is Sugarboo Designs. You can read some of Rebecca's story on her website. Each piece is handmade.

We knew at this point we would be in our little Hansel and Gretel House. I was working hard at convincing her it was going to be a great place to live! She was undecided on which room she wanted. We all know....there was no decision! She was meant to have the built in bed! So, I let her pick out a pillow and a metal sign. These are what she picked!

It makes me happy that this is what she wanted in her room!

How could you NOT want this in your home? It's so me. I fall in love with everything and I fall hard! You will hear me say very often, "This is my favorite thing, EVER!!" Seriously, I say it about a lot!
Dandelions are kinda my favorite thing (EVER). Ha, told ya! I do love them and I had to have this pillow. I am a dreamer! 

I loved these metal signs. They are the stencil for the designs. I love this one for our new home!

This is one of my favorite quotes....ever....(oh, there I go again!) It means so much to me.

When you have a minute or an hour, go to their website and read through the quotes on photoboxes. These is probably the most popular item. I want them all over my house. It's one of my favorite places to buy gifts!