The Creek Party is in Full Swing!

This place is rocking and rolling! Connor and I went to meet several of the contractors yesterday. I was bombarded with questions! Where do you want the vents, where do you want the lights, do you like where the recessed lighting is placed, how tall are the baseboards, where is the front door.....OH MY WORD! I had forgotten how much goes into building a house! We hired my brother, Charlie, to be in charge. That makes it easier. Especially, since there is NO signal out there! You can't talk on the phone and texts go through sporadically. Right now, that is a royal pain. Once we are there for pleasure, it will be so wonderful!

It turned out to be a long afternoon. I was meeting the guys that were delivering the salvaged lumber for the walls and ceiling and their radiator hose busted. We were less than half a mile from the interstate and had to pull over. (I was showing them the way(there are a lot of turns)). I drove to the store and got water. When I got back they had taken the hose off and realized they needed a new one! We were in luck, there was an Advanced Auto Parts store by the interstate. Shane hopped in with me and off we went. The bad news is, they didn't have the right one. We would have to drive to Fairfield to get it. Ok, that's 20 minutes away. Finally, we picked up the right one! Did I mention they are in a Dooley truck and a 30 foot trailer on the back? It's not an easy thing to maneuver. We got back and they fixed it right up! They could only drive about 30 miles per hour and they were following me. It was hard for me to go that slow! We finally made it out to the creek. They thought we had taken a wrong turn. I took them out to the woods and frankly, I think they were a little scared! 
It was the longest day!!!

I had to leave as soon as we got there. Emma was captain at the game and I couldn't miss it!! 
She was calling a cheer! I was so proud of her. She did a great job!