Stripping is Hard Work!

This week is crazy busy. Oh wait, that was last week and the week know the drill.

I worked with Dawn at the farm today in her cute, red, horse barn. We were stripping furniture. Um..not fun. The end result will be fantastic. Today's work, terrible!

 We also picked up a beautiful butcher block from France circa 1830. It is gorgeous! Not sure why I didn't get a pic of it. I will next week! I pulled out my new camera and was taking a few photos and realized Dawn is, like a professional photographer. She was all you need to put your fstop at blah and your shutter speed at blah. What's your ISO set on? Let me see it....yeah, whatever. Maybe I will learn a thing or two from her! I did take a few pics and then left my new camera on the chicken's window. I hope they took a few of themselves! They are a fuzzy group! I will have to share that tomorrow. I'm meeting her in the morning to get it and heading to the creek to get some updates on the Creek Party!

 Let's talk about Saturday. Emma and I got up at 6am to go to her gymnastics clinic in Huntsville. Talk about a long day!

I dropped her off and went to see a good friend from High School who tears down barns he sees along the side of the, pulls up and asks if he can tear it down and haul it off. They say yes, he works for a couple of days. I reap the benefits! You can too! He has several beams  that would be amazing mantels!!

 I also have several ideas for these shorter pieces. Think bench, coffee table, side table. I just took pictures of what he had and if you need something or when I decide what I need, he will measure and find the perfect one!

This one will go to the Creek Party! house. I'm getting it from Southern Accents. It's like 6 sided! Very different and cool! We only need it to be 9'10". It will have to be cut. I guess we will just cut from both ends. That way we can save most of the character!

Let me know if you need rustic, salvaged pieces. I love helping everyone find the right piece for their space!! Helped a friend find a corbel today. I know it will be perfect. Just have to get a few closeups to show her tomorrow! My brain is full of inspiration all the time. I love that now I have Pinterest so that I can keep it organized. I swear I pulled up 10 ideas today to show Dawn and it was so easy because I had them all pinned to the perfect board!!