Southern Accents and a Creek Party!

It's an architectural antiques store in Cullman, Al. It's a small piece of heaven for me! I feel like its my way of recycling.

I go there at least once a month. I just walk through trying to see things that weren't there before and seeing things differently than the last time! I get very giddy when I find something I've never seen before. Those "eyebrows" in that photo above? They are cast iron and amazing!! I would love to use them in a house. They are HeAVy!!

We are working on a cabin on the creek. It's going to be a family house. My hubby and his boy cousins are all building it together. He has a couple of cousins that can do ANYTHING! It's going to be a great spot! It's on 40 acres and Shades Creek runs right down the front of the property. I'm telling you it is one of the most beautiful spots I've ever seen! It took my breath away when I saw it the first time. 

So, I went to Southern Accents the other day and picked out salvaged wood for almost every room! Ceilings and walls and the flooring for the upstairs. I can't wait to get started on the inside. 

I found this image on Pinterest. The original post for this photo is on DesignSponge. OMG, this is a post full of eye candy. You have to look through it! 
I love this look. I need to find a big sign to hang on the wall! It's so rustic and clean looking at the same time, don't you think? I begged to have exposed pipes, but I didn't win. I don't really know how that works or how they will be hidden? I need to go back out there and see! The salvaged wood I chose will look marvelous in the downstairs kitchen and open den. I will get Shane to deliver week after next!

This light! I actually have 2 of them. This was a find from a meet-up in Tennessee. Garlan will trade with other architectural salvagers. He picked up these lights on one of those trades. He sent me a photo and I put dibs on them immediately! I think he got them over 6 months ago. I really didn't have any idea what I would do with them. Well, they are coming to Birmingham this week! I have to have them wired, but they will look amazing in the kitchen at the creek house! The ceilings upstairs are around 16 feet in the kitchen. These will hang over the bar/counter! They have some really cool history, but I don't know what that is right now. G won't answer my calls.....geez, he must be busy with customers! How dare he?? I have a blog post to write!

I took this one the last time I was there; scaffolding and all! It's so cool to see a house from beginning to end. You can make changes at this point to walls. I am a sucker for using ALL the space available! We will have a loft now that wasn't on the plans. How can you just waste space up there? It's going to have beds. Maybe just mattresses on pallets! I did have a spiral staircase for got busted up this week. Some people just don't know how to be conservative! They ripped it down and it broke into too many pieces to put back together. #brokenheart

I will leave you with a picture of the creek. This was taken last February. You can tell because there are no leaves! I will have to take a good shot of it next time I go!