Listen, Rest and Be Kind

This summer our pastor, Bob Flayhart went on sabbatical. I admit, I freaked out! I go to church at Oak Mountain because of his message each week. I say that and this week Jason Sears wasn't there and I wanted to leave before it got started! I know, that's terrible to admit. I didn't go anywhere. I sat there and loved the worship led by the guitar. It's my comfort zone, though. That piano, his voice and my quiet time listening and reflecting. I also knew Bob would deliver something that would knock me off my feet.....he delivered. This summer wasn't that bad. We were out of town most Sundays and the ones that we made it to church, were fantastic! It was nice listening to someone else's view. Still, I'm glad he's back in the groove. His one point since coming back has been rest. I have no idea what that means. Every. single. day, I am lifting and moving and stressing out about not having everything perfect in this house. I found this online the other day and need to tattoo it to my forehead. I need to listen, I need to rest, I need to do all of this so that I can be more patient, more kind, more thoughtful and more loving.

Yesterday the message at church was the Hunger Games. Bob talked about the World Hunger problems and the extreme statistics of the undernourished. There are 25,000 people that die of starvation EVERY DAY...October 16th is World Food Day.

Snap, snap, snap that's what he did to show how fast people are dying. It breaks my heart. We can't solve all the world's problems. Feeding the hunger can be done in many ways. It can be done in the way of just a donation. There are hungry people everywhere. We sometimes judge those people and say THEY should do something about it. We work hard....why can't they? Kindness. That's what God wants from us. To be kind. To do things for others. Not because you want something in return. Because you are kind. I am so involved in my everyday world. I don't think of others outside of my immediate circle. The people I talk to once a day or even just once a week. I ran into a friend today and we made a crafty date. It's something I DO NOT have time to do. But, I want to. I want to spend time with her and I want to do something that involves little to no thinking. Yesterday, I was thinking of things I can do outside of that circle. Oak Mountain Missions and hello, my church were two places that popped in my head without having to think about it. I'm going to call this week and see how I can help. I know that we all have different strengths and I have enough on my plate not to volunteer to do something that isn't easy for me. It has to fit into my life so that it doesn't take away from my family. It's time to help others outside of my daily life of helping my husband and two kids! I kinda can't wait!