Lighting the Hansel and Gretel Cottage

This place is dark. There are trees all around us and they do not let the sunshine in! All of the trim is very dark, too. We have a beautiful porch that wraps around the kitchen. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but it so dark in here! I have picked out lots of industrial and sparkly lights to go in this dark place. I'm afraid they aren't enough! Not to mention, my electrician hasn't been back to hang 3 of my fixtures....DAD!!!

I thought I would show you a few of my finds over the past 6 months. I started buying before I knew when I was moving!

I found this really cool industrial sized whisk at Scott's back in March. It's hanging in the center of the kitchen. I changed the bulb this added a little more light! 
That was my first visit to Scott's and I've been back like 4 times! It's next weekend, btw, who wants to go? 

 This will be hung in the laundry/powder room. I bought it from my buddy, Barney, at Stray Cats on
this shopping trip!

I found 2 of these beauties in Maine. It was the FIRST store we stopped. I just couldn't decide. What if I found something for a better price? I did some research and made this the LAST place we stopped! They are hanging in the kitchen. 
 They are my all-time favorites!

This came from Southern Accents. Garlan called me and said he had the perfect chandy for me! Isn't it beautiful? This picture makes it look big, but it's so dainty. It's original purpose was to go in my bedroom. It's going to hang in the dining room while another gets wired...TIM!!!

 You've seen this one. I think I did a whole blog post on it. I bought it and had it wired with no purpose what-so-ever! It's so perfect upstairs! I love it!
ruffle shades are my obsession right now

This was at Southern Accents, too. It's like I want everything they bring in.
Why can't I just go on shopping trips with them? I do get a pretty good discount for working there and pimping them out ALL-THE-TIME!
I went home and couldn't forget it. I dreamed of the perfect spot for it.....just need it to be hung!! DAD
 how fantastic is that little shade? #textureoverload

 I need a flush mount, I need a flush mount. I called several times and looked at several pictures. Nothing was going to work! I walked into the lighting graveyard at the gym and pulled this one down and brought it home! Is it up? no, DAD!

I bought this one for the dining room. I think it's so pretty. I can't wait for it to be cleaned and wired! I know it will be gorgeous. This is a waiting on TIM project.

These last four are either in the storage unit waiting on a home or I haven't bought them...but, need to!

I will get it lit eventually. Using lots of lamps everywhere!