Instagram Photo Challenge

I'm working on Fatmumslim's Photo a day challenge on Instagram. If you aren't familiar with Instagram, it's an app you can get on your phone. It adds effects to those photos. It's gaining in popularity daily. Many compare it to Twitter because it's like telling people what you are doing at that moment.....just in pictures and not just 140 characters. Lots of businesses have started using Instagram. We all love photos and there isn't a better way to share!

It's by far my favorite social media outlet right now. I love to see small details of my kids, friends and cool photographers. I think it keeps me thinking creatively when taking pictures. I love to get involved in challenges like #fmsphotoaday. See that? That's a hashtag. Chantelle has created this hashtag so that everyone involved in the challenge can tag their photos and we can all enjoy them. If I'm struggling with the days prompt, I will search that hashtag and am always inspired to create my photo for the challenge.

If you have a twitter account you should consider making your instagram name the same. That way others can tag you and it will show up in your twitter feed, as well as your notifications on instagram. Mine is lucysinspired.  I guess it's obvious that I use that name everywhere! I tried to think of a clever name for my blog/twitter/instagram, etc. I finally decided why change? Use what you have. All of it, everything I post is about what inspires me.

I always take the photo with the camera and then open it in the instagram app. That way, I'm not pressured into deciding what effect I want to use. I can also take pictures throughout the day and then pick which ones I want to upload to instagram.

Of course, you can start anytime! Just pick up on the 15th. Or you can go back to the beginning and start there. It's a fun challenge. You just take pictures and can be as creative as you like! 
Here is the day by day for October:

If you are on Instagram, look me up @lucysinspired. 
Emma and John Connor have Instagram accounts and a very fun photo feed. John Connor's silliness @thespazz_jc and
 Emma's creativity @emmafarmerrr